Bring the Kitchen to the Garden – Tips for Outdoor Cooking

Bring the Kitchen to the Garden - Tips for Outdoor Cooking

One of the best ways to make the most of your backyard is to make it a cooking and entertaining space. Nothing compares to cooking outside on a nice summer evening surrounded by family or friends. If you are considering turning your yard into an outdoor cooking space, check below to see some tips on how to achieve this dream. 

Install a Pizza Oven

One of the most popular trends in outdoor cooking in the past few years is installing a pizza oven. People really love the idea of making and cooking their own pizzas at home, and that love has extended to the backyard. A small pizza oven is a great addition to any backyard seating area as it doesn’t require much to set up, and a lot of the m can be used with firewood alone. Their small size allows for maximum heat, and they can cook pizzas in minutes. 

The fact that outdoor pizza ovens are mostly wood burning creates a cozy atmosphere in any backyard, and they can heat up the area as well as cook pizzas. The smell of cooking pizza also makes the experience exciting and will lure your neighbors in. If you like to entertain in the home, this is a great outdoor feature to add to your backyard.

Create a Backyard Barbeque Area

Nothing smells better than slow-cooked barbeque on a summer night. If you really want to take outdoor cooking to the next level, then the only option is to set up a designated barbeque area in your backyard. The best way to start a barbeque setup is to try a barbecue smoker the next time you host an event at your house. Most of these smokers are portable and heavy-duty, so they can be taken around to different outdoor areas for different events. This is great for entertaining and hosting events like cookouts, birthdays, and graduation parties.

Even on days when you just want some good barbeque, having a smoker in the backyard is a great investment that will work hard for you for years to come. The fantastic part about barbeque smoking is that it is something you can only really do outdoors due to the smoke, so it is the perfect step if you want to become an outdoor chef.

Build A Fire Pit

If you really want to feel like you are camping in your own backyard, it is easy to build a fire pit for both cooking and keeping warm on nice summer nights. From roasted marshmallows to full meals, a fire pit is a versatile tool when it comes to outdoor cooking. 

Many people who want to have a fire pit in their backyard will build it from scratch. All you have to do is find a nice, flat area of your backyard and build a solid, circular area where wood can be placed. The best materials to use for a homemade fire pit are bricks, as they can withstand a lot of heat. 

If you want to get really fancy, you can buy a fire pit with a grill attachment so that you can make things like fire-roasted corn or hot dogs. The grill can also be used to place large pots or pans above the fire in order to make a big batch of soup or chilli. There is nothing that compares to a meal made over an open flame, and you can get as creative as you want with firepit cooking. 

Design and Construct an Outdoor Kitchen

People who want to go the distance with outdoor cooking should consider constructing an entire kitchen unit outside. This is a popular trend among homeowners who live in warmer year-long climates and want to raise their resale value. An outdoor kitchen, in addition to the one inside, gives you the freedom to change up your days and spend more time outside. 

Most outdoor kitchens include a grill, a sink, and a stove. Many people also choose to expand the area and add a kitchen island or other counter space like a bar top. Other additions may include an oven, storage space for outdoor cookware, and a fridge. This way, they can entertain guests and cook at the same time, without having to run back and forth from the indoor kitchen to outside.  

Find the Perfect Grill for You

No backyard cooking is complete without an outdoor grill. Most homes that have a large backyard will have a grill of some sort, but finding the right one for your needs is important. If you are taking the route explained above, and you want to build out an entire kitchen, then a built-in grill is the one for you. If you are a person of simple means and you just want a space on the back porch where you can take in the sunset and grill some meat, then a simple tripod grill is the right choice. No matter which grill you choose, you will have the peace of mind that you can always quickly run out there and grill some delicious food.

Make Sure You Have Proper Lighting

The last thing you want when you are cooking outside is to not be able to see what you are cooking and burn yourself or accidentally set something on fire. If you are going to build an outdoor cooking area, you must also install good lighting. This could mean building a pergola above the cooking area and stringing lights along the top of the structure or having lamps or lanterns placed throughout the area. This will brighten up the area if you are cooking as the sun sets and give a nice vibe to the backyard.

As more people are trying to spend more time outdoors, it is essential that you use your backyard space for something fun and productive. Creating an area for outdoor cooking is a great way to entertain guests or just have a relaxed weeknight. Be sure to take these tips into account when you start on your outdoor cooking journey.


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