Home Buying Guide for the Jumeirah Community in Dubai

Home Buying Guide for the Jumeirah Community in Dubai

The residential area of Jumeirah by the coast mostly consists of three main areas: Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2 and Jumeirah 3. The residents indulge in the beautiful views and enjoy the exciting world of high-quality spas, restaurants, resorts and cafes.

The apartments and villas in Jumeirah have the surroundings of rich designed gardens and straight access to serene white sand beaches. The homes in front of the beaches comprise the top most lucrative homes in the world. Whether you look at their exterior, interior or the views from the property, everything is bound to make you satisfied with the residence.

In case you are interested in purchasing a property in this expensive community, the below advantages will definitely assist you in making a decision. Keep on reading to know why so many people, both Emiratis and tourists, are in love with this residential area.

1. A perfect community for beach enthusiasts

Since Jumeirah is a beachfront community, the residents are fortunate to have direct and easy access to the beautiful white beaches which it displays on offer. Its kite beach features amazing services in recreational outdoor water activities such as sailing, swimming, jet skiing, paddle boarding, banana boat riding, windsurfing and kite surfing. There are lifeguards which protect the safety of beach lovers. The beaches in Jumeirah also feature a variety of dining opportunities.

2. A pet friendly community

If there is a furry family member in your house and it is tough for you to search for a house to buy in the city, then Jumeirah is the ideal place for you. This is because the community is pet-friendly. However, there are no dogs permitted on the beach. This does not mean you can not walk them around the community.

Being a resident of this community allows you to get an advantage from the close vicinity of many veterinary clinics. This is another perk for people having furry family members. The villas available in Jumeirah for sale usually have sufficient front yard and backyard area which is another bonus for pets.

3. Does not have a simple access to Dubai Metro

Going to the metro when you are a resident of Jumeirah can be a bit tough because the metro stations are situated far from the community. Nevertheless, Jumeirah makes up for this by offering praiseworthy connections to the buses. You can also find taxis easily around Jumeirah. This community is best for residents who come with their own vehicles. Parking is easily accessible too because the villas boast a big number of parking spaces.

4. An appropriate community for GCC Nationals and Emiratis

If you are a GCC National or an Emirati, this is a suitable community to invest in a property. Many houses in Jumeirah which are available for sale can not be bought by people having other nationalities. But for GCC Nationals and Emiratis, Jumeirah is a perfect place to reside in because they will see similar and identical people in the neighbours. 

5. More freehold areas

Apart from Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah 2 and Jumeirah 3, this community also displays a big number of freehold areas that have a variety of freehold properties. Some of the areas are Jumeirah Bay, Pearl Jumeirah and Citywalk. There is a great option of luxury properties in both villas and apartments along with plots. The residents can purchase and construct a personalized home of their own.

6. High security

Residents of Jumeirah enjoy a sense of security. This is why people know it’s a reliable place and they invest there. While other countries in the middle east often experience political disturbance, it is not the same with Jumeirah.

There is no sign of theft or street fighting because the people are civilized. Everyone relies on the helpful Dubai Police to settle matters on the roads or anywhere else. The Dubai Police come to the rescue very fast and they themselves drive luxury cars. You can leave your car door open and nobody will touch it. But how exactly is Jumeirah safe and secure? According to a survey, above 98% of residents feel satisfied and safe working and living in Jumeirah.

7. Variety of options

There are numerous options in the real estate market of Jumeirah and each option offers excellent advantages. However, the most basic categories are commercial or residential properties. In the commercial category of Jumeirah, the choices range from labour camps, offices and industrial property. As for the residential property, you can indulge in elegant villas or spacious apartments.

8. High rental return

The rental returns of Jumeirah are way higher as opposed to the huge real estate capitals of the world. The most active areas of Jumeirah produce a big percentage of rental yield on average.

What can be the possible yield of your Jumeirah property? On a very average basis, the rental return of Jumeirah will not be lower than 5%. This is why Jumeirah is one of the best spots globally for property investors. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of purchasing property in Jumeirah, remember the high rental return which your real estate investment will produce.

9. Consistent technology and development

No one would be interested to purchase property in a place where there is no technology or zero development work. Jumeirah is already one of the smartest residential areas in the world. You will always discover something new going in Jumeirah which is a great perk of living there.

As a result, its economy has boosted greatly. This is mainly due to the expansion of real estate, construction and tourism. One of the most unnoticed factors while doing a property purchase is the economy and innovation of the area.

A place where something new is occurring frequently will automatically become limelight and gain attention from millions of people yearly. What does this new technology and development mean if you invest in Jumeirah’s property?

Due to the innovation and development occurring at a fast speed, new roads will be connected to your community, new shopping malls will emerge and there will be activity buzzing around your house.


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