Heading Out For Open Houses? You Need a Comfortable Pair of Shoes!

Heading Out For Open Houses? You Need a Comfortable Pair of Shoes!

After years of preparation, you’re now in a position to buy a home. That means spending time with real estate agents and making the rounds to some open houses. In order to do that, it makes sense to have a comfortable pair of shoes. What should those shoes by Clarks or another top brand provide? Here are four essentials to consider.

No Scuffing Allowed

You’ll be visiting home that have several different types of floors. From carpeting to veneer to vintage hardwood, it’s important to make sure your shoes don’t leave behind any evidence of your visit. Opting for soles that will not create scuffs on the flooring is a must.

Keep in mind that along with protecting the floors, shoes with non-scuff soles are also excellent for providing you with ample traction. You are less likely to find yourself slipping when stepping onto a freshly waxed floor, something that will make your visit to the open house more pleasant.

Plenty of Cushioning

There will be a lot of walking involved. Even if you’re going to see several houses that are in close proximity, it’s not just the walking to and from each place that you want to think about. The traveling from room to room, checking out attics and basements, and taking a look around the back yard also require quite a few footsteps.

With the right type of cushioning, it’s easier to keep going even when you’ve been on your feet for most of the day. The fact that your feet and lower legs feel fine will make it all the easier to take in all the features and amenities found at each house and form an opinion.

And Arch Support

Along with cushioning, you also need plenty arch support. You can order a pair of Blundstone shoes online that will provide all the support that you want. When paired with the right amount of cushioning, you will find that your lower back doesn’t begin to hurt after you’ve been visiting those open houses for several hours. Best of all, you’re less likely to feel sore when tomorrow rolls around. Additionally, if your feet suffer from any condition that causes pain in the sole or heel then it’s important to wear correct supportive footwear. According to ShoeAdviser, some pain issues that we often feel on our feet are mainly caused by unstable footwear.

Shoes That Allow Your Feet to Breathe

Attending open houses is not the time for feet that feel overheated or damp from perspiration. You want your feet to receive adequate circulation while you spend time at each house on your list. Go with a pair of shoes that are made of higher quality materials and will allow your feet to enjoy a reasonable amount of air. After a few hours of walking around, the fact that your feet still feel so good will make the day a lot better, much like you would achieve with Nike Air Force 1 white shoes.

Open houses are a lot of fun, especially when you’re feet don’t hurt and your back doesn’t begin to ache. Combine a pair of shoes that offer comfort and support with clothing that is relaxed and allows you to move freely. Doing so will make it easier to concentrate on what each property has to offer and possibly come across one that you can see calling your home for many years to come.


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