Guide To Installing Fence Posts At Your Preferred Location

Guide To Installing Fence Posts At Your Preferred Location

For many of us, the only way to install posts is using a post pounder. This guide will help you understand how it works and what options are available. The post pounder has three parts: The spearhead, the hollow spade, and the handle.

TIP – Don’t forget your safety gear! Eye protection is vital for this task. Gloves can also come in handy.

First, you need to find a suitable spot to strike with your spearhead (if it’s big enough). Ensure no one is around when doing this since it might damage surrounding objects or hurt people standing too close. You want to avoid any legal trouble if possible. Now place your spade on top of the object where you are going to pound the post in. 

Now grab the handle, find a good striking point with your spearhead, and bring it down onto your spade. If you are doing this properly the spearhead should have gone through the object below. Make sure that it is securely attached to the rest of the post pounder. Congratulations, you have successfully pounded a post into whatever surface you chose!

Now that you know how it works, here are some other things that might come in handy:

  • Maybe you don’t want people stepping on or hitting posts while playing? You can avoid any legal issues by making holes for the posts to go inside, leaving only about 6 inches above the ground. This way, people will trip over them but won’t get any injuries.
  • Maybe you want to be able to move your posts? You can attach the post pounder to a forklift instead of using the spearhead. Just make sure that it does not protrude past the lift arms, or else you might injure someone when operating it. This is very useful if you are building multiple field layouts or trying out new fields.
  • Maybe you are working with children, or they are just really young? To prevent them from getting injured by running into posts, all you have to do is tie some old pool noodles around the sturdy top half of each post so that there is enough room for players but never their heads! 
  • You could also opt for using wooden stakes and some string/rope along with this method. You can use the same method to attach posts to brick walls by using the threaded part of a screw instead of pounding in a post. You could also put posts inside PVC pipes if you wanted instead of making holes for them, but it would be very time-consuming and might not even look that good.
  • You can make many other options and configurations with post-pounders, and this is simply another way that people have tried out, so use your imagination and try things yourself! Always remember your safety gear when doing all these projects. Don’t forget to have fun! This article is presented in such a way as to give readers an understanding of how they can successfully install posts using posts.


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