Green Landscaping – 6 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Maintain Your Property

Green Landscaping - 6 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Maintain Your Property

Maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn is very important for your property’s curb appeal, but it’s also a good idea to do so in a way that’s good for nature. The term environment or green landscaping often refers to practicing good lawn care methods that will help to preserve our planet’s delicate natural ecosystem. Want to learn more about this new trend in lawn maintenance?

Here are six easy ways to maintain your landscaping in a way that is good for your home’s appearance and the environment:

1. Preserving Natural Resources

No matter where you live, several species of plants are native to your particular location. Plant some native plants to expand and grow the natural resources already there. This method will ensure that those plant species will continue to grow and flourish in a healthy way.

2. Save Water with Xeriscaping

If you’re in the desert or another dry climate, try xeriscaping. This landscaping method involves using gravel or rocks instead of soil and planting things like cacti that don’t require a lot of water to thrive. You can choose this method to save on the amount of water that’s normally needed to keep your landscaping happy and healthy.

3. Environment Landscaping for Healthy Soil

Forego the harsh chemicals used to kill weeds and pests to practice good environmental landscaping. You should also steer clear of most commercial fertilizers since they can leach into the soil and create a toxic environment. Choose natural treatments like introducing good insects to your garden to kill off pests instead.

4. Reduce Fuel Emissions

From gas-powered chainsaws to weed whackers, many landscaping tools require the use of fuel to work. Switch them out for models that use battery power to reduce fuel emissions and consumption. Try a stand that makes it easy to use your saw so you can maximize it every time you use it, reducing the need for excess fuel.

5. Recycle Organic Matter

Instead of gathering dead leaves and grass clippings into a garbage bag, use them to make handmade mulch or compost. This process is not only eco-friendly, but it also provides you with a free lawn treatment for greener, healthier plants. If you end up with too much lawn waste, ask your neighbours if they could use some for their lawns.

6. Re-Using What You Have

Reducing consumption is a great way to promote a healthy environment, whether it’s for landscaping or any other task. Re-use old pots to plant new ones instead of tossing old plastic pots in the garbage. Gather rocks and branches to create a beautiful landscape design instead of buying mass-produced products.

A Clean, Green Property is Easy to Achieve

When you practice environmental landscaping, you can help to promote a cleaner, greener world. Simple steps like reducing your fuel emissions or trying xeriscaping can do wonders for reducing your property’s environmental footprint.


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