Gracie Bird Bespoke Luxury Carbon Fiber Diving Board by Molono

Gracie Bird Bespoke Luxury Carbon Fiber Diving Board by Molono

Sleek lines and elegant, sumptuous curves are what you would expect to find on a yacht. That design philosophy has permeated throughout a broad spectrum of lifestyle products to elevate and differentiate them to the needs of a more sophisticated luxury clientele.

With so many stunning pool designs being the centerpiece of luxury homes around the world, it is a natural expectation that those that require a diving board would want it to be a statement piece that matches their bespoke creative aesthetic.   

Gracie Bird by Molono fits that narrative. It is an innovative diving board installation that draws inspiration directly from the elegant lines of the iconic mahogany tenders most famously pictured in the French Riviera of the 1950s and 60s; ferrying the rich and famous to and from their motor yachts, they were the epitome of elegance, craftsmanship and style.

Historically, diving board designers seem to have focused largely on functionality with little attention paid to aesthetics; Molono was formed to bring cutting edge design, fine workmanship and ultimate function to the forefront of diving board design.

Taking inspiration from around the globe and using meticulous craftsmen and the world’s finest materials, Molono produces the most exclusive and beautiful boards in the world. Each board is an iconic statement, designed to be thought provoking and uniquely different.

Seen as a piece of art, each board is produced in limited numbers and is the result of an endless pursuit for perfection. As such, Gracie Bird is an exclusive offering with only 100 bespoke boards being produced.

  • Name: Gracie Bird
  • Brand: Molono
  • Product: Diving Board
  • Designer: Dodo Arslan
  • Country: United Kingdom


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