Getting Ready to Sell – 5 Last Minute Things You Can Do to Help Sell Your Home

Getting Ready to Sell - 5 Last Minute Things You Can Do to Help Sell Your Home

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 5.34 million existing homes and 667,000 newly constructed U.S. homes were sold in 2018. The most common reasons why people sell their houses is because they are upgrading, downsizing, or because they are moving to a new location. Whatever your specific reason is for selling your home, you will obviously want to make sure that it is done as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Selling your home can be very stressful so it is important to make sure you have the right real estate agent who can help you go through a check-list of the important things that you may need to do before you can sell. For example, there might be external or internal upgrades that you need to make. Such as replacing or repairing your roof or installing a new kitchen or bathroom. You might also want to consider interior design and décor upgrades or even consider repainting before you go to market so that your house looks fresh and appealing to buyers. Once you have done the prep work then your agent can start the hard work of attracting people to come and view your home, but you shouldn’t just sit back and relax.

Here are 5 last minute things that you can do to help you sell your home before your viewings.

1. Keep it Clean

Whenever you have buyer viewings make sure your home is clean and that there is no clutter. Homes that are clutter-free and clean are easier for people to imagine living in and putting their own stamp on the house. Ensure your house is clean from top to bottom so that it appeals to people looking around.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture

You may need to rearrange your furniture so that it helps to sell the house. Currently, your furniture will suit you and your family, but the layout might not be what is best for other people viewing it. You might want to remove some furniture too, so that the house doesn’t look too cluttered.

3. Get Some Flowers or Plants

Consider buying some flowers or house plants. These will help to create a good atmosphere and create a memorable image of your home as well as show potential buyers that you focus on the little details and look after things.

4. Clean Fabrics

Clean your cushion covers, duvet covers, and pillow cases, to ensure that your rooms look tidy and looked after. Some people might forget to clean their fabrics or make sure they look clean, but this is a very important little detail that you shouldn’t overlook. Remember that the cozier your house looks the more it will appeal to buyers.

5. Use Air Fresheners

And finally, make your house smells good by using air fresheners and by keeping your windows open if needed. Smell is a very powerful sense, so if your property doesn’t smell appealing, then potential buyers won’t want it. If you have pets you also need to make sure you clean up thoroughly after them and remove any unpleasant items that are left behind.


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