Get Ready for Summer – 5 Steps to Refresh and Renew Your Vacation Home

Get Ready for Summer - 5 Steps to Refresh and Renew Your Vacation Home

You dream of a salty breeze, bare toes and an ice-cold drink in your hands. You want to leave home and indulge in comfort and relaxation. If your vacation home needs to be refreshed and upgraded, follow these decorating tips to transform it into an oasis where style meets function:

  1. Invest in Bright Dining Room Furniture
    If you have a solid set of kitchen chairs that need a little refreshing, paint them a cheerful color to make them pop. If you’re ready to buy new, look for chairs with clean lines that won’t collect as much sand or grime as a more heavily ornamented chair. Check out Pottery Barn’s Tilden Spindle Back Side Chair in yellow for inspiration. For upholstered furniture, try white cotton slipcovers. They will keep your furniture fresh, and you can easily pop them in the laundry after your stay to keep your home clean and well-maintained.
  1. Install Proper Window Treatments
    When it comes to your vacation home, aesthetics and privacy are equally important. Installing proper window treatments enhances your interior design and helps you properly close up your house when you’re away. Clean and simple solar blinds or roman shades are a perfect choice to keep the sun out and to encourage privacy. Look for quality custom blinds, like those found at The Shade Store, to complete your look.
  1. Choose Low-Maintenance Flooring
    These days, the most sought-after flooring is hardwood or tile, and for good reason. A hardwood or tile floor is cleaner and easier to maintain than carpet, and it lasts longer. To make hardwood floors a little more comfortable, anchor your seating arrangement with an area rug that is water and weather resistant, like Restoration Hardware’s Awning Stripe outdoor rug in marine. An outdoor rug combines the comfort of carpet with the easy maintenance of a hardwood or tile floor. Plus, it’s easy to replace when necessary.
  1. Freshen the Sleeping Areas
    Welcome your friends and family to your oasis with ample places to sleep on comfortable beds. Maximize your sleeping space by making sure there are at least two beds in each room and exchange regular couches for sofa beds in the living area for extra options. Layer crisp white linens and blankets on the beds with several choices of pillows (down, medium and firm). Place a pretty table lamp on either side of each bed, along with a few interesting magazines and a vase of fresh flowers.
  1. Accessorize Carefully
    When it comes to decorating your vacation home, less is more. You and your guests need to unplug and unwind on vacation, which is why simple decorations are best. Avoid any fragile objects, and instead, opt for a clutter-free approach. Create a gallery wall of vintage posters in black frames, scatter poufs and cushioned ottomans throughout the house for extra seating and choose durable fabrics for all upholstered items. If you’re craving a pop of color, invest in a few statement pieces, like a large turquoise lamp from Polyvore, instead of risking a delicate sculptor getting damaged.


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