Four Things To Prioritise When Choosing Garden Chairs

Four Things To Prioritise When Choosing Garden Chairs

Gardens serve a purpose beyond tending to plants and flowers – they are meant to be a space for relaxation and leisure. While many of us dedicate significant time and effort to maintaining our gardens’ appearance, it is important to take a break from the toil and appreciate the beauty we have cultivated. This is why Jo Alexander believes that garden chairs are an essential addition to any outdoor space. After all, what better way to enjoy your garden than by simply sitting back and unwinding?

Garden chairs come in a myriad of styles and serve various purposes. Whether you opt for a chair with a table or prefer a standalone piece, with or without backs and arms, crafted from wood, wicker, metal, or even polished concrete, there is a garden chair to suit every taste and fulfill any function.

The question then becomes, how do you choose the right one for you? Here are some key factors to consider when making your decision:

1. Comfort

Comfort is paramount when selecting a chair. Naturally, you want a chair that provides a pleasant sitting experience. However, the level of comfort required may differ depending on your intended use. If you envision lounging for hours under the sun, a cushioned daybed or garden sofa may be more suitable than a standard chair.

For extended periods of sitting, armchairs offer excellent support and are particularly popular when paired with dining tables. However, armless chairs and stools can still be viable options for shorter periods of use.

2. Durability

Garden furniture is subjected to rigorous conditions, especially during the summer months. Chairs, in particular, endure frequent use as you move about your garden. Consequently, they must withstand constant pressure on their legs and backs, among other components. Moreover, garden chairs need to be resilient against the elements.

When it comes to durability with minimal maintenance requirements, teak wooden chairs are hard to surpass. Teak wood is renowned for its toughness and natural resistance to water, ensuring minimal degradation from weather exposure. Well-crafted teak garden chairs can endure for years outdoors with little maintenance.

3. Portability

An often overlooked consideration is whether you anticipate moving your chairs around the garden regularly. This is where wicker furniture excels. Wicker is exceptionally lightweight, making it effortless to relocate your seating as you follow the sun or seek shade.

If you prefer fixed seating options that also add a distinct visual appeal to your garden, consider investing in benches or explore our range of exquisite polished concrete stools. These stools add a unique style to any garden and can serve as captivating features in their own right.

4. Style

Style plays a significant role in your garden’s overall aesthetic. As you evaluate the factors mentioned above, don’t forget to choose garden chairs that complement the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Style preferences are subjective, and fortunately, there is a wide array of options available when shopping for garden chairs. While there are no strict guidelines regarding which chairs suit specific types of gardens, wooden chairs are often associated with a traditional, classic country garden vibe. However, the timeless quality of wooden furniture allows it to blend seamlessly into any setting.

Wicker is another versatile option that complements various environments. Its aesthetic differs from timber, often characterized by lighter colors, lending a pale, airy, and ethereal ambiance.

For a more contemporary twist, consider polished concrete. Our collection of polished concrete stools and furniture stands out due to its unique and fresh appeal, making it an excellent choice for modern garden aesthetics.

Ultimately, when selecting garden chairs, prioritize your comfort and enjoyment. Choose chairs that not only meet your functional needs but also enhance the beauty of your garden. With a multitude of styles available, you can find the perfect chairs to create a haven where you can fully appreciate and savor the fruits of your labor.


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