Exploring the Best Wineries and Distilleries in Pigeon Forge

Exploring the Best Wineries and Distilleries in Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is like a treasure map come to life, with wineries and distilleries that open their doors to adventurers eager to taste something new and exciting. Think about how awesome it would be to sip on something that’s not just ordinary, but filled with the special flavors of a place where the mountains touch the sky. 

Here, hidden among the tall trees and misty peaks, are places that turn fruits and grains into delicious wines and spirits. It’s like they capture the essence of the mountains in a bottle!

So, are you ready to uncover the secret potions of Pigeon Forge, where every sip tells a story of the mountains and the skilled folks who craft these drinks? Let’s put on our explorer hats and set off on an adventure to discover the best local wines and spirits hidden in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. 

Soak in the Charm of Mountain Valley Vineyards

Mountain Valley Vineyards is a place where they turn grapes into wine – a vineyard! It’s like a magic trick where the grapes disappear, and wine appears! This place is special because it’s been doing this longer than most places around, making it a favorite spot for both the people who live nearby and visitors just passing through.

At Mountain Valley Vineyards, they have all kinds of wine – some are sweet, like candy, and others are more like the grown-up drinks that make you pucker your lips because they’re dry. But here’s the coolest part: they make their wines in a way that’s good for the planet. It’s like being a superhero, but for nature, using less water means making sure the earth is happy and healthy.

You can take a tour of the vineyard to see how they turn grapes into your parents’ favorite dinner drink. They’ll show you around and let you see all the behind-the-scenes magic. You might not get to taste the wine (that’s for grown-ups), but you’ll learn a lot and see how wine is made from start to finish. It’s like going on a treasure hunt where the treasurer is learning something new and super interesting.

The Heritage of Old Forge Distillery

Old Forge Distillery is like a wizard’s lab, but for making cool drinks called spirits. A long time ago, people started making these drinks using recipes that were passed down like secret treasures. Old Forge Distillery keeps making them the same way, using stuff grown right nearby, like corn and grains that could have been in your cereal!

They take these local goodies and follow special steps, some so old your great-grandpa might know them, to make drinks that taste like no other. Imagine flavors that could be sweet like candy, or so strong they make your eyes water, all made from the same stuff but turning out so different. And the best part? You can go on a treasure hunt there, not to find gold, but to discover how they turn simple things from the farm into these wild flavors. It’s like a behind-the-scenes tour of a magic show, showing you every step of how they do their tricks.

Visiting Pigeon Forge wineries and distilleries like Old Forge Distillery is like stepping into a story where every sip tells you a bit about the place and the people who make it. It’s not just about tasting something cool; it’s like going on a time travel adventure with every drop.

Discovering the Italian Flavors at Hillside Winery

At Hillside Winery, they use grapes grown right here in Tennessee to make wines that would make anyone in Italy proud. It’s like taking a bite of your favorite spaghetti or pizza, but in a drink form! They’ve got all sorts of wines – some are as sparkly as the stars in the night sky, and others are as smooth as the slide at the park. 

And the best part? You can go on an adventure there, tasting different wines and learning all about how they turn grapes into your grown-ups’ favorite drinks. It’s not just about sipping and tasting; it’s like going back to school, but in the coolest way possible, because you learn how all those yummy drinks come to be. Hillside Winery is not just a place to find awesome drinks; it’s where you get to see how a bunch of grapes can tell a story, a story all about Italy, right here in Tennessee.

The Craftsmanship of Junction 35 Spirits

At Junction 35 Spirits, there’s a drink for everyone, no matter what you like. Think of it as a candy shop, but instead of candy, there are all kinds of drinks. You’ve got the strong and bold whiskey, the smooth and cool vodka, and the fresh and zesty gin. It’s a bit like choosing your favorite superhero—each one has its own powers and flavors.

But wait, there’s more! They don’t just let you look at the drinks; they take you on an adventure behind the scenes where you can see how everything is made. It’s like getting a backstage pass to a magic show. Plus, they have this restaurant where they serve food that tastes amazing with the drinks, kind of like how popcorn tastes better with a movie. So, at Junction 35 Spirits, you get to see how they make the magic happen, try out the coolest drinks, and eat yummy food. It’s like a triple win!

The Innovative Spirit of Tennessee Legend Distillery

Tennessee Legend Distillery is a playground for grown-ups who love trying new and exciting flavors, from moonshines that taste like your favorite candy to whiskeys that are as smooth as a skateboard ride down your favorite hill. 

The people who make these drinks are super serious about making them awesome. They pick the best stuff to make them with and mix them up in ways that are both old-school cool and new-school smart. It’s kind of like how you might mix different sodas to see what you get, but these folks are experts at it. 

When you visit, there’s this special room called the tasting room. It’s where you can try tiny sips of different drinks to see which one you like the best. Imagine getting to taste a rainbow of drinks and finding out which ones make your taste buds do a happy dance. That’s what it’s like at Tennessee Legend Distillery – a place full of fun, flavors, and friendly faces, all waiting to show you a good time with every sip.


Every winery and distillery we explored is like a new level in a video game, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. Some places are like magic castles that make wines that taste like they’re from another world, while others are like wizards’ labs where they cook up the coolest spirits you’ve ever imagined. And the best part? There’s something for everyone! Whether you love sweet drinks that taste like candy or strong ones that make you feel like a pirate, Pigeon Forge has it all.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s put on our adventure hats and get ready to dive into a world where every sip tells a story. Let’s embark on a flavorful adventure in Pigeon Forge and discover the best local wines and spirits the Smokies have to offer. Cheers to an adventure that’s as tasty as it is fun!


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