Expectations and Reality – What Should We Look For In Kitchen Utensils?

Expectations and Reality - What Should We Look For In Kitchen Utensils?

People who want to choose good, beautiful, and stylish kitchen utensils, should keep in mind many different nuances to make the right choice. Today we will not talk about cute saucers and other tableware, but about the most necessary utensils – pots, pans, and other important equipment. Ideally, new utensils should be convenient, safe, and durable. But how to choose them and not get confused by all the variety in the market? Let’s find out!

The Durability of Your Cookware

When you hold a new beautiful pan in your hands, you want to cook and create with it for a long time. How can it be achieved? You just need to choose high-quality utensils that will not lose their external gloss in a month, will not crack, or get to the trash in six months. They should initially be durable, just like professional woks Yosukata sold on https://yosukata.com/.

Besides, you should also know and follow some rules so that the dishes and kitchen utensils will serve you as long as possible:

  • Even heat-resistant ceramics cannot withstand sudden temperature changes, so clay pots should be sent to the oven already warmed up;
  • Thin aluminum pots, pans, and utensils, as well as luxury copper dishes, do not tolerate falls, especially on hard surfaces such as tiles;
  • Enamel items look beautiful, but can quickly deteriorate if the fragile coating begins to chip off;
  • Knife or cutlery marks are a nightmare for any owner of a non-stick Teflon pan;
  • Cast iron kitchen utensils will last a really long time if you grease them after washing;
  • Stainless steel is highly undesirable to be used in the oven since it will quickly turn black and lose its attractive appearance without a chance of recovery.

Modern and stylish cookware with various non-stick coatings is especially popular today. The destruction of the protective layer can turn a good frying pan or saucepan into inventory, which is time to get rid of.


It is convenient when, in the same form, you can cook stews or bake something for tea in the oven. Typically, this cookware has removable or heat-resistant handles. Also, there are convenient utensils that are suitable for cooking and can be used as tableware. These are various portion pots with appetizing pictures, heat-resistant glass dishes, etc.

Do not forget that utensils and kitchen products are selected to work in specific conditions. And these conditions are created by hobs and ovens, so you should focus on them when buying utensils:

  • Gas stoves work great with all metal objects, but have a bad effect on ceramics and glass;
  • The microwave does not allow the use of metals at all. It is better to choose glass containers, plastic or silicone dishes;
  • Electric surfaces involve the use of pots and pans made of cast iron, aluminum, steel. But their bottom must be at least 3 mm.

When buying a frying pan, pay attention to its shape. A good sign is a slight concavity in the center. In this case, the bottom will still be absolutely stable.


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