Ex Machina Film Inspires Architecture for a Writer’s Modern Concrete Home Design

Ex Machina Film Inspires Architecture for a Writer's Modern Concrete Home Design

The idea behind this architectural home design was to create a minimalist house for a successful writer, according to 3D artist Ângelo Fernandes, who rendered what he calls the “Writer’s Home” concept design. The clean empty spaces allow one’s thoughts to explore deep realms of possibilities through creativity and imagination.

Writer’s Room

“In my mind this character had given up dealing with people and passes his days reading and writing horror and sci-fi stories,” said Fernandes, regarding the conceptualized writer who would live here. “He’s into minimal architecture and not too keen on big fancy interior design.”

Living Room

Fernandes drew inspiration from the decor used in the 2015 Ex Machina film, which was partly shot at The Juvet Hotel in Valldal, Norway. He used this inspiration to create his own template that was applied throughout.


Expressing distilled feelings and moods with compositional light and flat surface materials, Fernandes designed a modern concrete home design that leaves room for one’s own creativity to finish the painting, so to speak.


“As I progressed, I started to develop my own ideas about it and experimenting with different other ideas as well.”


“One of my goals for this project was to imagine a whole different mood that would distinguish itself.” “I like the overall dark tone of it and also the light on the walls that give a nice contrast against the concrete,” Fernandes concluded.


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