Torpedo GB Luxury Pen Collection Inspired by Original 1860 Rijeka Invention

Torpedo GB Luxury Pen Collection Inspired by Original 1860 Rijeka Invention

The Torpedo GB fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint pen pay tribute and are inspired by the original 1860’s invention of the Rijeka self-propelled torpedo that changed the up-to-then existing concept of warfare at sea.

The pen collection models are available in the limited edition of 1886 pieces have been manufactured on the occasion of marking the year when the impossible dream became reality.

All the three models have been manufactured in the perfect synthesis of precision mechanics, artistic design and goldsmith’s craftsmanship, their appearance testifying of the independent spirit, aspiration to the perfection and the beauty of simplicity.

Besides their winning technical and uncompromising design solutions, it is the handmade production that makes Torpedo GB writing instruments so captivating. Except for the hull, each detail is handmade, so that exceptional skill, a great deal of patience as well as the highest degree of precision is required from the goldsmith. It is precisely this that makes Torpedo GB writing instruments so extraordinary. Let us add that the propeller is adorned with a Swarovski stone in white, ruby red or sapphire blue colour.

Top-quality writing instruments require an accompanying container of exceptional making. The handmade luxurious wooden box made of a solid piece of noble walnut tree reminds of the torpedo launch pad in its bore detail, its purpose being to protect the pen, while the conical cut-out is used as the pen table holder. The wooden box comes with the elegant packing made of white hand-sewn leather impressed with the logo.

Founded in 2014 by Tonči Grabušić and brothers Valter and Leonard Balen, Torpedo GB makes writing instruments that blend traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. The brand’s products celebrate the art of handwriting in a creative way. They feature a torpedo-shaped design that pays homage to the world’s first self-propelled torpedo.

  • Name: Torpedo GB
  • Brand: Torpedo GB Writing Instruments
  • Product: Pen Collection
  • Designer: GB Torpedo
  • Country: Croatia
  • Price: $1,695 USD – 2021


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