Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing Exterior Paint

Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing Exterior Paint

Are you in the market for choosing a suitable exterior color for your house? Choosing the best exterior color for your home is more challenging than it looks. You have to factor in several things before making the hard choice.

There being a wide range of colors to choose from, the task proves to be more confusing. Therefore, here are the essential factors to consider before selecting the most suitable palate for exterior painting in the list below.

Different Lights

Light plays a huge role in choosing the best color for your house. Different lights at different times will affect the paint you choose. In addition, light emitted at other times of the day brings out the undertones found in color.

Consider the direction that your house is facing. Again, this is because the light will reflect on your home. For instance, is your house facing the west or the North?

Houses that face the west mainly experience a warm light in the afternoon. The warm light will amplify paints whose undertones are red or pink. As for dwellings facing the North, the light is more excellent, which will amplify blue or purple undertones.

The simple but most effective solution to this problem is this. Use more excellent paints for houses made to face the west. As for houses which face the North, warmer colors will be more suitable.

Neighboring Houses

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. To simplify this, before choosing the eternal paint for your house, you should consider the most popular colors in the neighborhood. Then, take a walk within the neighborhood. This will inspire your choice of colors.

The color you chose directly affects your neighbors and the whole street or block. Therefore, you should strive to ensure that the colors you choose perfectly align with the feel and culture of the neighborhood. For example, pink is perfectly acceptable in beach plots but would seem odd in the suburbs.

Paint samples and color visualizers

As mentioned earlier, the color of your house is affected by factors such as light. Therefore, it is a good practice that you should leave time for sampling before the actual painting when setting the timeline for your home. With this, you will be able to check on how the light will affect the color of your house at different times.

Colour visuals are great ways to test combinations of colors you would like to apply to your house. Leading paint dealers have state-of-the-art color visualizers on their websites. They are easy to use and give you a rough idea before purchasing the samples.

Bottom Line

Choosing and applying paint on the houseโ€™s exterior is more puzzling than the houseโ€™s interior. This is because you have to consider numerous internal and external factors. Landscaping and roofing are just but a few of those factors.

There are a plethora of paint ideas that are available for you to choose from for exterior painting. Unfortunately, these can prove to be very confusing. Be sure to read through the list above to get proper guidance on discerning the paints. 


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