Equestrian Real Estate – 7 Tips for Buying A Horse Property In California

Equestrian Real Estate - 7 Tips for Buying A Horse Property In California

You finally made up your mind about buying a horse property in California. You’ve been thinking about this for years, and with friends’ pieces of advice and research, you’re happy that you were able to decide the location of the horse property. You believe that this will be a great avenue to save up for the future and encourage your love for horses. However, aside from determining the location of your horse property, you don’t know what else to consider. This is still your first time buying a horse property so you’re unsure as to what to do next. To help you come up with a sound decision and find the best horse property in California, consider these tips below:

  1. Location: Where the horse property is located is one of the most important factors to consider. You don’t want to buy a large horse property at a good price but have to travel for hours just to get your horses’ food and commodities. Your horse property should be accessible and have nearby stores where you can buy supplies and groceries. It should also be near local vet clinics, riding schools, feed and tack stores, and training facilities.
  2. Community: Your horse property is a long-term investment. You just can’t withdraw your money once you notice something isn’t amenable within the area. Assess how the community is around your house property. Do the locals also have their own horses, or will your property be the first to have one? Do they share your love for horses, or do they detest them? If possible, consider how the locals live and check if these communities have bridleways. You want your horses to be at ease roaming around the area and not feel threatened. 
  3. Riding opportunities: If you have the resources to buy a horse property in California that is large enough for you to ride with your horse, good. Your search won’t be that hard. However, if you can’t afford to buy a horse property that expansive, make sure there is a nearby arena or round pen. This can be your area to ride your horse.
  4. Adequate water supply: Each horse will consume 5-10 gallons of water every day. Just like humans, they need water to keep them hydrated and for them to function well. If you’re offered a horse property in California that doesn’t supply convenient and portable water, cross them off your list. This is something vital for your horses, plants, and everyone maintaining the area (if you hire caretakers). Opt to have a direct supply of water rather than shared resources.
  5. Soil: Keep in mind that you’ll be taking care of your horses on this property.  You’ll need to have a sufficient supply of grass in order to keep them alive. This is why the soil should be a deciding factor in which horse property you should buy. Ideally, the soil should be sandy loamy so it can have a positive impact on the quality of grasses. The horse property should also have enough supply of healthy soil so you can produce grass for your horses all year-long. 
  6. Security: You’re spending time and effort to put up your horse property, and of course, you don’t want everything to go down the drain. The security of the property is also very crucial in this process. Your horse property should be visible from the house. It’ll be easy for you to check every now and then since it’s very convenient for you to do so. If the horse property is too far from the house, you might need to install CCTV cameras within the premises. You can also make use of alarm systems and electric gates to keep your property safe. 
  7. Current condition: Aside from the price you’ll pay for your horse property, you should also think about the additional cost involved. For instance, if the horse property you’re planning to buy doesn’t have any fences or gates, consider how much you’re going to pay to have these installed (labor, materials, permits). Additionally, you should also assess what the barn was originally intended for. If it’s for other livestock, you might need to spend more in order to have these renovated to be suitable for horses. 

      Investments Require Sound Decisions 

      Buying a horse property in California can be considered an excellent investment. You’re putting your money to good use while having the opportunity to earn in the long run. A horse property can also be very therapeutic, especially if you have a fascination with riding and taking care of horses. You can also use this property as an avenue to bond and make memories with friends and family. All of those things can be achieved once you know what to consider when buying a horse property in California. Keep in mind the tips from this article, carefully consider different factors, and for sure, your horse property in California will do wonders for you.

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