Emerging Trends That Make Luxury Real Estate Attractive For Buyers And Sellers

Emerging Trends That Make Luxury Real Estate Attractive For Buyers And Sellers

In the world of luxury real estate, what was the hottest trend yesterday is just but another basic today. Things keep changing at such an alarming rate, leaving architects, developers, and realtors with no choice but to up their game in a bid to get that cutting-edge design or structure that appeals to buyers. For those looking to experience luxury living in one of the most sought-after locations, exploring Verbier rentals offers a unique opportunity to find exquisite properties tailored to modern tastes. It seems like everyone focuses on features such as the kitchen, bathrooms, entertainment room, and everything else in between. While modern luxurious living can be defined by high-end amenities, crisp designs, or even a five-star kind of service, it is a concept that goes way beyond the amenities. It is more of how people desire to live and rethinking the entire process to give them exactly that.

We can all agree that buying a home, let alone a luxurious one, is nowhere close to purchasing a dress; so many factors are at play. For luxury homes, you will need to consider the property’s location, the house’s features, financing options, emerging trends, among others. In today’s piece, we will have a look at some of the newest trends in luxury real estate, as well as the financing options available before you can take the huge leap of buying a luxury home.

Luxury Real Estate in the U.S.

According to a recent study, luxury million-dollar homes are more likely to be found on the East or West Coast. LendingTree did a study that showed that California had the top four cities with the most million-dollar homes San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, with Seattle coming in fifth place. Alternatively, Malibu, Manhattan, Martha’s Vineyard, Miami, and Palm Beach have also been listed as some of the most luxurious places to live in the U.S.

Luxury Home Design Emerging Trends

Keeping up with all the emerging luxury home designs can be quite daunting, especially if you are nothing close to a property developer, realtor, architect, or interior designer. However, giving yourself all that undue pressure is uncalled for. Your home should reflect who you really are. Tracking all those new styles in decor, finishing, roofing, design, and all that should be an inspiration that comes from deep within, as opposed to a ‘one-fit-for-all-tastes’ kind of prescription that tries to make you go with a particular choice simply because it’s in vogue. Below are some of the top trends that you could check out in 2020.

Simple and Laid-back luxury

A few years back, luxury homes featured rigid and super formal interiors that made the house feel more of a showroom than a home. Today, people are tending to get a little bit easy, with more individuals being in favor of a living that is simple and relaxed. Do not get me wrong; we all agree that sometimes, simple is elegant, and in this case, it really is. Today, the trend is relaxed interiors and homely spaces that maintain all that sophistication that high-end luxurious homes exude. Times have changed, and nowadays, there are so many stress-causing factors. As such, people view their homes as sanctuaries where they can leave everything behind and simply relax. It is no surprise that laid-back is the new sophisticated.

Sophisticated designs

Today, people seem to have developed a special interest in finishing designs in addition to the quality of materials used, with a strong inclination towards sophisticated craftsmanship. Consumers seem to be more aware of quality products, and most of them would like to hear a ‘backstory’ of everything that they bring to their homes. For a luxury home, especially, there should be zero compromises on design. Today, consumers would like to know what makes one design better than another in terms of class and uniqueness. The current trends have seen creations that were near-impossible getting done.

Financing Options

The buying/selling process for a luxury home can be quite challenging, given the myriad of properties available across the globe. Below are some of the newer financing options that you can look into if you are looking to sell your house before you can purchase a luxury one, or if you are simply looking to owning your luxury home.


This is basically a more convenient and easier way of going about your real estate transactions without having to worry about all the complications that  come with buying and selling a home. An iBuyer can be defined as a company that makes use of emerging technology to value your home in an instant, revolutionizing the whole buying/selling process. Different iBuyers operate differently, but the basic idea is that they value your home then give you an offer. If you are okay with it, they take on ownership of the property, and relieve you of the burden of marketing and selling the house.

Alternative solutions

Alternatively, some companies have tweaked the iBuyer model. Companies like Homeward have used their model to help homeowners who are trying to sell their home while purchasing a new one. In this alternative type model, the company buys your house with a cash offer while you try to sell your current home. If your home doesn’t sell, they buy it from you at market value.

With these options, buying and selling your property has never been easier.


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