Does Your Building Have Annoying Cracks And Uneven Floors? Here’s How To Fix It!

Does Your Building Have Annoying Cracks And Uneven Floors? Here’s How To Fix It!

The primary function of the foundation of a building is to transfer the loads from the building to the ground. Therefore, it must be a solid and safe structure; otherwise, it might collapse the entire building. Many factors can directly affect a construction from its foundation that can compromise its effectiveness, efficiency, and safety.

It is a complex process

The causes behind the problems in the foundation are mainly complex. It involves the verification of several aspects that go from the exploration of the soil, the design of the project and its execution, the type of structure built on the foundations, the quality of the material used, and the post-construction events of the building.

Among the main problems that make up the pathology of foundations are cracks, displacements, settlements, and rotations that can affect the structure of the building. To determine the cause of the pathology of the foundation, investigate the geological and geothermal aspect of the land that houses the construction since the structure-foundation-ground relationship is essential so that the repair planning is possible in a safe way.

Hire a professional foundation repairing company

  • When you hire a disqualified company, there is a significant risk that the repairing of the foundation will cause damage to the entire structure instead of solving the problems. The foundation system is responsible for safely supporting the loads coming from the building. 
  • Besides profound technical knowledge, field assessment, equipment maintenance programs, and civil / labor responsibility, the foundation repairing company must have specialized personnel and years of field experience in executing services. 
  • Earlier, the option of this type of service was limited to us. The services were not affordable. Fortunately, you have a solution now, a chance you can trust to fix your foundation right the first time. We recommend hiring Dalinghaus Construction Inc if you are looking for the best option. 

Proper evaluation of the site

Before starting the central repairing process, it is necessary to assess the situation, evaluate the events and techniques involved, and diagnose each aspect correctly. We are here talking about foundation repair. One single miscalculation can lead to an unforeseen event. You cannot trust just any company but a specialized foundation repairing company.

The signs of poor foundation

  • The signs and symptoms of a poor foundation that needs repair are those annoying cracks or uneven floors. However, not every time will you see them appear. Other factors contribute to the pathology of the foundation, such as difficulty to open / close doors and windows, tilt structure of the walls, gaps between the concrete slabs or floors, slopped floors, etc.
  • Besides improper soil investigation and foundation design, other factors contributing to the foundation’s pathology are weather, seismic activity, age of the structure, etc. A professional foundation repairing company, whatever your needs are (foundation piers and anchors, carbon fiber repair, or slope stabilization services), assures you of 100% guaranteed services. Above all, you know that your money is not wasted.


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