The Dark Side Of Siding: How A Denver Siding Contractor Can Help You Avoid Costly Exterior Mistakes

How A Denver Siding Contractor Can Help You Avoid Costly Exterior Mistakes

We all aim to keep our homes in good repair: they’re our greatest investment and the location of our best memories, so it’s essential to maintain their beauty and safety. However, home repairs can be incredibly expensive, and you may be tempted to perform some construction, like replacing siding, yourself.

Do-it-yourself projects can be a costly error, especially when working with specialized materials like fiber cement, which is why the assistance of a qualified contractor is invaluable when you find your home needs some love. Today, we’ll discuss the issues that can arise from incorrectly installed fiber cement siding, how you can tell that there are problems with your new exterior, and why working with an experienced Denver siding specialist will bring you inestimable peace of mind.

Incorrectly installed fiber cement siding can cause irreparable damage to your home

Siding isn’t just a pretty face: it’s the protective layer of your home’s exterior that prevents incursions by moisture or debris into the structure. When installed correctly, fiber cement siding, also known as James Hardie siding, is a durable shield that will keep your home’s structural integrity intact for a breathtaking 30 to 50 years. It’s also highly fire-resistant, low maintenance, and available in an array of colors.

However, this homeowner’s dream can become a nightmare if not installed correctly. Fiber cement siding that’s not placed and nailed properly can allow moisture into the structure, leading to serious rot and mold issues that you may not even realize are there before it’s too late. It may also crack or warp prematurely, which means you’ll have to replace it again at a cost of thousands of dollars.

This siding is meant to be incredibly sturdy even in harsh environments like Colorado, where severe winds can tear at improperly placed siding and rip it right off the home. When you work with a qualified siding contractor, this isn’t a concern: they will fasten it appropriately so that even the strongest storm won’t be able to budge the fiber cement. If you try to place it yourself, though, you may find yourself missing whole panels after a strong windstorm.

Sometimes it will be obvious that the siding is not installed correctly, but other errors will be more subtle

While siding is mostly standardized, being manufactured in large batches within a facility, the end result can vary dramatically depending on the skill of the installer. If they do not place the panels flush with one another, you may see gaps where the structure underneath is visible, or the siding panels may be loose when you touch them. Siding should be firmly adhered to the underpinning structure, and you should not be able to wiggle it. You should also not be able to see the fasteners, so if you see any screws or pins, this indicates that the siding is not structurally sound.

If the panels are rubbing against one another or being infiltrated by moisture, they may crack, warp, or bulge; they also may loosen or even fall off entirely. If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to get in touch with a Colorado fiber cement expert, who can take a look at the condition of your siding and determine how to repair the damage.

Home projects on this scale are best left to the experts, so choose your contractor carefully

When you realize there’s a problem with your home’s exterior, you need to look for a Denver contractor who specializes in this particular type of siding; every siding material is a little different and needs to be installed in a specific way in order to ensure it lasts for as long as possible.

Check their qualifications, including whether they are a preferred James Hardie contractor and BBB Accredited. Reviews are also incredibly helpful, but remember that while it’s tempting to just go off the testimonials on a company’s website, these are usually solicited by the company, and so they will always be highly favorable to their business. Compare the reviews on their website to those on third-party websites like BBB and Angie’s List to ensure that they are in line with what others are saying.

Another important factor when getting your fiber cement siding repaired is budget: because this material is more long-lasting than vinyl siding, it is also a bit more expensive. Check with multiple siding contractors to get an average price, then factor this in with other considerations like average reviews, the experience of the installers, and the project timeline they provide you.

By working with a great contractor, you can ensure that your home will stay safe and sturdy for years to come. Never hesitate to reach out to a Denver siding installer as soon as you notice issues with your fiber cement siding, as it can save you thousands of dollars and a great deal of heartache.


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