Creating Curb Appeal – 13 Modern Building Exterior Design Ideas

Creating Curb Appeal - 13 Modern Building Exterior Design Ideas

If you’re thinking of selling your house, it’s only natural that you want to sell it as fast as possible for as much as possible. Home improvements are one of the first things that come to mind in this area. 

Kitchen and bathroom improvements are among the most popular ways to improve the saleability of a home, delivering an ROI of over 77%

Yet, building exterior design elements dominate the list of refurbishments that reward you for your efforts. 

These are some of the best ones for adding value to your home.  

1. Change the Color  

If you’re concerned about adding value to your building without breaking the bank, you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck by painting the exterior. 

If you want to highlight your building design, opt for a darker color. Light wall colors create the impression of structural weakness. While this impression’s totally subjective, it can help you sell your home faster.  

A fresh coat of paint can also hide a multitude of sins, like hairline cracks and grime. 

2. Upgrade Your Front Door 

Your front door’s one of the first things people notice when they approach your house. Make yours stand out by choosing a sturdy modern design. 

Painting your existing door in a stand-out color’s another way to upgrade your home’s initial appeal without a huge financial outlay.  

3. Replace the Siding 

Siding is a big part of any building exterior and can be an expensive fix. The good news is that you can look forward to a huge return when you invest in this kind of upgrade. 

In some cases, a new veneer in manufactured stone can earn you a 95% ROI when you sell your home.  

4. Get Gardening 

People have got to walk up the garden path before they’ll notice your home’s charming exterior features. 

You can make the most of this situation by planting trees and attractive blooms to bring life to your garden. Container plants work well if you’re looking for instant appeal and a neatly-mowed weed-free lawn creates a good impression too.  

If your garden’s neat and well-kept, prospective buyers will assume you take good care of your home too.  

5. Put in a Patio 

A backyard patio extends your living area and promises opportunities for outdoor relaxation. 

It’s a good exterior building design feature for small backyards that have limited space for plants and expanses of lawn. It also helps create a useful space out of that awkward no man’s land between your back door and yard.  

6. Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen 

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage among millennial homebuyers and can often swing the stakes in your favor when prospective buyers are deciding between two or more properties. 

Any outdoor entertainment area’s an asset to any home. It increases your living area and hints at sunny days spent socializing with friends.  

7. Build a Firepit 

Likewise, a firepit conjures up images of roasting marshmallows with friends, or romantic evenings spent under the stars. 

Nowadays, firepits can be simple or high-tech, low-key or extravagant, so you’re sure to find a design that suits your home’s exterior as well as your budget. 

You don’t need an outdoor kitchen to install a firepit either, as they work just as well as a stand-alone feature.  

8. Light it Up Your Building Exterior Design 

Exterior lighting’s an attractive addition to any home that doubles as a security feature. You can also use it to showcase landscaping highlights in your garden, to illuminate entry points, or as a decorative element.  

Light adds magical appeal to the exterior of your home and creates a warm, welcoming feel.  

9. Replace Your Roof Shingles 

While new roof shingles certainly come with several practical benefits, they’re also an important part of your home’s exterior design.  

Your roof is a dominant feature of your house’s exterior and it can detract from your home’s curb appeal if it’s in less-than-great shape. New, modern roof shingles will give your entire building a fresh, new look and can bring a substantial return on investment.  

10. Add Energy-Efficient Extras 

Solar panels and energy-efficient windows are big attractions for prospective home buyers. 

They’re a top eco-friendly option, at a time when environmental concerns are at the top of everyone’s mind. They also help reduce your energy bills, which is a big drawcard.  

Thanks to these factors, people don’t mind paying extra for these additions.  

11. Build a Deck 

Along with outdoor kitchens and firepits, a deck is one of those exterior design ideas that’s all the rage right now.  

A wooden deck gives you extra space to enjoy outdoor enjoyments, provides a place to relax in the fresh air, and increases the value of your home. It’s great as an extra entertainment area too.  

12. Get a New Garage Door 

Garage doors are another eye-catching feature of any home. They’re one of the most noticeable exterior aspects for prospective homebuyers and usually top the list of high-ROI home improvements. 

Modern easy-to-operate garage doors are an undeniable asset to any home, adding convenience and security to everyday living.  

13. A Change of Landscape 

You don’t need a huge garden to enjoy the benefits of landscaping. In fact, landscaping is even more effective in small spaces.  

Water features, terraced beds, and hardscaping really improve the appearance of any outdoor area. It’s best to get a professional to help you with this, but if you like gardening, you can save money with DIY landscaping too.  

Making Your Home Better and Better 

Naturally, selling your home isn’t the only time you’ll benefit from practical and attractive upgrades.  

Even if you opt for improvements that don’t bring an enormous ROI, your family still benefits from any refurbishments you make while they’re living in the house.  

You never lose when you improve your living spaces. Keep reading for more brilliant ideas about upgrading your building’s exterior design and interior areas.


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