The Cost Of Glamor: Exploring The Most Expensive Casino Properties

The Cost Of Glamor: Exploring The Most Expensive Casino Properties

Gambling has been linked with glitz and glamor for a long time. Whether it’s in the movies or real life, casino properties are extravagant and luxurious. While one can always place some wagers in a small bar too, the feeling of visiting one of the most expensive casinos cannot be challenged. Such locations also come with their own downsides. One thing to note is the minimum deposit gamblers must make. Most luxury properties have pretty high requirements in this regard to ensure profitability and to compensate for the expenses.

Wynn Palace – Macau, China

Wynn Palace - Macau, China

Macau is rightfully called the “Vegas of the East”. This is the gambling hub for Asians, which is why American Steve Wynn opened his crown jewel here. Wynn Palace is a massive resort that cost $4.2 billion to realize. Its floral theme, magical SkyCabs, a 6.8-meter tall Ferris Wheel made of flowers, and plenty of restaurants are just a few highlights. 

Wynn Palace also houses one of the most luxurious casinos you’ll ever see. It spans nearly 46 thousand square meters and plans to have 350 gambling tables. If you’re looking to make a low deposit, forget it. The minimum bet for most table games like baccarat and poker is $300. It goes up to $500 for blackjack. Slot machines, however, may be enjoyed with as little as $1, $5 or $10.

The Venetian – Macau, China

The Venetian - Macau, China

The Venetian is even bigger than Wynn Palace, with 51,000 square meters of gambling space. This luxurious casino resort opened in 2008 in Macau and has since become the go-to spot for top gamblers. With its 3,400 slots and over 800 table games, it’s hard to ever get bored at The Venetian. 

Even though it’s highly glamorous, playing here doesn’t cost too much, as the minimum bet is just $0.01. However, considering the number of these machines available, it’ll be hard not to spend a huge sum. 

Crown Melbourne – Melbourne, Australia

Crown Melbourne - Melbourne, Australia

Crown Melbourne is the luxury casino every Australian gambler needs to visit. This massive structure covers a span of 510,000 square meters, making it one of the biggest casinos in the country. Crown Melbourne is considered the country’s prized possession when it comes to gambling. Aussie players can enjoy gaming here while taking in breathtaking views of the Yarra River. 

The gambling space spans over 20,000 square meters and boasts more than 2,600 slots and upwards of 540 table games. If you’re over 18 years of age and have $50 in your wallet, you can join one of the many tables here. In case you wish to spend a little less, there’s also a version of Baccarat with AUD$25 as the minimum bet.

Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Resort - Singapore

Imagine playing a game of poker at the architectural and cultural icon Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore. This $5.36 billion project has everything one could want, from bars and restaurants to art galleries and retail spaces. For avid gamblers, it also boasts a casino property of 160,000 square feet. This area is filled up to the brim with top-of-the-line gaming machines as well as live games. While every table may have its own minimum bet, they start from S$25.

Resort World Sentosa – Singapore

Resort World Sentosa - Singapore

Taking more than $4.5 billion to develop, Resort World Sentosa was a very expensive private construction project by the Genting Group. It’s one of the most popular resorts on the continent, with attractions like the Marine Life Park and Universal Studios Singapore. Lovers of casinos will be happy to know that the gaming floor is designed on a footprint of 94,000 square feet. It boasts more than 2,400 slots and 500 other games. Whether you love spinning the reels or using your skills to beat your opponents at poker, Resort World Sentosa has everything. Wagers on titles like roulette start from 5 SGD, while card games demand a bigger deposit of 25 SGD.

CityCenter – Las Vegas, USA

CityCenter - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The CityCenter is not just a resort. It’s designed like an entire town, with everything from homes to hotels. Developed by MGM Resorts in 2009, the project covers an area of 18 million square feet. Visiting this place is a must-have experience for anyone who loves luxurious living. CityCenter contains a massive casino as well. The gaming footprint of 150,000 square feet is full of tables and machines. All your favorite card titles are present, alongside some of the best slot machines around. The minimum bets start from $10, ranging to $10,000. 


Even though online casinos are booming right now, the market for physical establishments is still massive. Luxury resorts exist all over the world, complete with all the games you’d expect to play and much more. Combine that with the glamorous buildings and state-of-the-art rooms, and you’ll have a lifetime experience. As a bonus, you’ll get to see some amazing architecture and feel like you’re on a movie set when you visit any of the listed facilities!


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