Considering an Exterior Remodel? What You Need to Know to Give Your Home Curb Appeal

Considering an Exterior Remodel? What You Need to Know to Give Your Home Curb Appeal

Thanks to house-flipping and home improvement shows, we all know that curb appeal’s a big deal when you want to sell your home.

This isn’t just another media-induced fad though, home appraisers agree that improving your home’s curb appeal can add as much as 7% to its value

Here’s what you need to know about orchestrating a successful exterior remodel as well as some ideas to get you started. 

Planning Your Exterior Remodel

The work starts long before you grab a paintbrush or call an exterior contracting service over. Consider these important, and often overlooked, aspects of upgrading your curb appeal first:

  • Start with a vision in mind and stick to it
  • Compile a budget you can work with
  • Set a realistic timeline
  • Add extra time for the smaller details
  • Try to keep a happy medium between your design aspirations and budget
  • Comb your neighborhood for ideas
  • Prioritize those aspects that make the biggest impression

Flexibility is key to avoiding frustration in any home improvement project. Things don’t always go according to plan.

Calculating Unexpected Costs

The weather’s always a factor when it comes to exterior work on your home, the cost of materials varies from day to day, and some things will take longer than planned.

Provide plenty of leeway in your time and financial budget for unexpected upheavals. These are some of the aspects related to exterior remodeling you might not have considered:

  • Additional Utility fees
  • Consultant charges
  • Demolition and waste removal
  • Design and drawings
  • Financing costs
  • Labor costs
  • Landscape disruption
  • Management fees
  • Material costs
  • Permits and licensing
  • Rentals and purchase of specialty tools 

Remember, some of these aspects will impact both your time and financial budget. Always ask for a detailed estimate when working with contractors and discuss what happens in the event of unforeseen delays upfront. 

Choosing a Contractor 

Many improvements need a specialized touch, both legally and practically. Yet, you can save money and enjoy a lot of satisfaction by doing some of the work yourself. 

Never work with an unlicensed contractor. Check their credentials with the relevant authorities, look up reviews, and ask for references. Peruse their contract in detail before you sign anything. 

When you’re working with a reputable contractor, you can sit back and watch your ideas take shape.

Take Trends into Consideration

Trends come and go, but it’s still important to consider the fashions of the day when refurbishing the exterior of your home. Put your own preconceived ideas to bed and remember these long-standing preferences among homebuyers:

  • Dark paint colors
  • Stonework
  • Outdoor entertainment areas
  • Smart features inside your home and out
  • Natural light from large windows and doors
  • Classic traditional designs
  • Tasteful accents
  • Multipurpose outbuildings

Bear in mind that most homeowners will first catch sight of your home on a website, so picture-perfect curb appeal that’s in line with the latest trends will count in your favor online. 

Top Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Now for the fun stuff. Cosmetic upgrades will always help increase the chances of your home selling, but there are also some exterior aspects that can add some zeros to the value of your property too. 

Let’s walk through some of the best curb appeal ideas for upgrading your home’s exterior appearance and it’s selling price. 

Make a Grand Entrance

Your driveway’s one of the first things people notice about your home. The easiest way to give your driveway a new lease on life is by cleaning it with a power washer.

Get rid of any weeds and fix the cracks. Replacing an entire driveway’s an expensive undertaking, so you want to create the impression that yours still has years of service ahead of it. 

If you want to install a new driveway, work with a contractor to determine the best type of driveway for your area.

Go for Garage Gold

Garage doors are one of the home improvements that deliver the best ROI. Always choose a design that complements the exterior of your house. 

Nowadays you can get garage doors with all the best smart features and conveniences in a wide range of designs, colors, and materials. So don’t sacrifice appearance for functionality. 

Up the Garden Path

After your driveway, a garden path can also add immeasurable ambiance to your home. An attractive paving stone walkway or concrete path looks good and draws the observer’s eye towards the house’s entryway.

A garden path’s one of the best ways to create a welcoming aura for people visiting your home. 

Lush Lawns

Everybody loves a well-kept lawn, so keep yours mowed, weeded and fertilized all year-round. If you’re short on time and enthusiasm for lawn care tasks, hire an expert to take care of your lawn for you.

Lawn care services can deliver an ROI of 267% when you sell your home. 

Residential Landscaping

Likewise, gardens are a top seller when it comes to uplifting your home’s curb appeal.

Remember, not all prospective homeowners relish the opportunity to tend a lush plant-filled garden though. Rather opt for water-wise plantings and hardscaping to create an attractive low-maintenance paradise in your yard.

Food gardens are another appealing feature in a post-COVID world, so consider planting a small, neat vegetable patch in a sunny spot or invest in container gardening for herbs and other edible plants. 

Quick Green Fixes

Some more super-simple curb appeal ideas include using container plants and pot plantings to give your yard an instant upgrade. You can use pots along your garden path, on paved areas, and on your patio. 

Hanging pots and vertical gardens are another way to green up your surroundings quickly. 

Aim for Porch Perfection

No matter how small your home’s porch is, it can probably do with some work. Repair and paint the railings, put some comfortable chairs in place and refurbish the decking.

Most homeowners only give their porch a passing glance during their daily travels in an out of the front door. Yet, this area’s one of the first things that people notice when entering your home and can set the tone for everything that comes afterward.

Lighting Ambiance

While improving the appearance of your porch, give some thought to balance and symmetry. Two identical lamps on either side of your front door are a good start to help give your home’s exterior a balanced appearance.

Lighting’s an inexpensive security feature that has a huge impact on how people view your home at night.

Lights along your driveway and garden path create a fairytale ambiance and you can also use landscape lighting for dramatic effect by showcasing attractive plants and hardscaping features. 

Achieving Entertainment Excellence

Outdoor entertainment areas are a top attraction for modern-day homebuyers. It helps them imagine the enjoyment ahead if they do buy your house. 

Not only do these features hint at lazy summer leisure time to come, but they also increase the living area of your home. 

Useful Extras

Sheds aren’t just for storing tools and collecting cobwebs anymore. Nowadays, people use these outbuildings as home offices, tiny guest suites, and hobby workshops.

Building a wooden shed in your yard adds instant value to your home and gets the buyer’s creative juices flowing. 

Set Yourself Up For Solar Success

Installing solar panels mainly benefits the interior of your home by cutting your electricity bills. Remember, they’re an external feature though and immediately visible from the outside.

Prospective buyers will notice solar panels on your roof the moment they see your house. This is an immediate check on the plus-side of their mental wishlist.

With the prospective benefits of solar in their mind, they’re likely to overlook a few small negatives while viewing your home. 

Give Your Home a Facelift

Installing new siding’s an expensive choice but one that brings massive rewards. You can change the entire appearance of your house with the gorgeous, durable siding options available today.

These modern options consist of long-lasting, weather-resistant composite materials. You can get them in a wide range of colors and veneers. 

Windows are another area where you boost your home’s curb appeal to varying degrees. A coat of paint or new shutters can help your home’s exterior look super smart, while new larger windows add natural light to your interiors. 

Top-Level Upgrades

Your roof has a massive visual impact on how people view your home. Most roofs can last for twenty years or more, which means a new roof immediately adds huge value to your home.

You can choose roofing materials that add eco-friendly insulating appeal to your home and opt for a host of designs, like mixed shingles, that add texture and interest to this eye-catching part of your house. 

If your roof’s still new, upgrading your soffits, gutters, and fascia can give your roof an attractive boost too. 

Inspiration and Delight on Tap

These pointers are an excellent starting point for any exterior remodel, but it’s the finer touches that count.

Every improvement you make presents an opportunity to add your personal touches, eco-friendly alternatives, and budget-beating hacks to help upgrade your home’s appeal even more.

Use our website to find more inspiration as well as some excellent ideas for making your home the best it can be.


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