Concrete Cube Design with Minimalistic Expressions at the Aatrial House in Poland

Concrete Cube Design with Minimalistic Expressions at the Aatrial House in Poland

With an encased entrance made of stone, the Aatrial Upper Silesia House is uniquely situated on top of a sloping ramp driveway, designed to incline below this modern contemporary luxury home. This is the most significant architectural feature of what is otherwise a stunning concrete cube design with minimalistic expressions in Opole, Poland.

Upon traveling up beneath the cubic structure, the inclined entrance leads the homeowner to the residence’s central courtyard, rising up to a garage at ground level, separated from outer exterior view.

The interior design of this home achieves a brilliant conceptualization of modern luxury, keeping form to refined cubic inspirations with simplistic desires. The square-edged concrete build exudes a spacious feeling inside, closed from the outside, yet breathtakingly open to its surroundings on the inside. The ensuing facade with large glass panels, framed by strips of concrete, opens onto a concrete platform with a pool deck. A garden surrounds this exhilaratingly private space on the transformative 2.49-acre property.

Stretching and bending particular surfaces of the cubic structure, all walls, floors, and ceilings of this Polish residence are masterfully defined by inner atriums and terraces. Constructed with concrete, the Aatrial House is a transformative cube with additional finished elements of dark ebony wood.

As day turns to dawn, the magnificence that is the modern architectural design of this residence is illuminated for maximum display and appreciation.

The Aatrial House takes on a new persona from the once minimalistic expression of monochromatic design by day to high-class exuberance by night.

Spanning 7,104 square feet inside with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms across 2 levels, this modern contemporary home in Poland exemplifies the current trend towards ultra-modernization and the use of concrete construction for new luxury homes worldwide.


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