Compensation or Settlement Calculation in a Car Accident Case

Compensation or Settlement Calculation in a Car Accident Case

Car accidents in San Diego can be devastating for anyone, especially victims. One bad experience can alter their life and affect their survival. That’s why victims deserve compensation. Of course, it can never replace what you lost, but even a small amount of financial relief can help tremendously. But that doesn’t mean one should compromise and settle for anything less than they deserve. Knowing how this process works, you can ask for a fair sum or evaluate whether the liable party offered the appropriate amount. Some factors play a critical role. Here is a quick look at a few of them.

Economical damage

Because of injuries, you will face financial losses. One immediate expense can be medical bills. They can be massive. Damage to property and other tangible items will also affect your financial health; hence, one must account for them. Calculate how much each cost you and add the figure to the settlement amount. In some cases, you can also consider lost income.

Non-economic damage

The next thing is accounting for non-tangible losses. It is more complex than adding the figure for medical bills. Still, you can estimate it based on the time that goes into recovery. Minor injuries typically take weeks or months to recover. However, the equation changes when it involves debilitating or life-threatening conditions. No matter what, you must consider them in your settlement calculation. Your mental burden will be much less when you consult San Diego car accident attorneys. They can prepare the best report to make the offender pay for any scar you will now carry for life.

A few insights

Insurance companies typically follow a multiplier method to calculate liability. Suppose your economic damages amount to USD 100k. And they use the multiplier 2.5. If you multiply USD 100,000 by 2.5, the total sum will be USD 250,000. Following the lowest multiplier, such as 1.5, is better for non-economic damages. However, there are many more aspects that one should pay attention to when settling the case. Think of shared fault, number of responsible parties, insurance policies, pre-existing medical health conditions, punitive damages, etc.

Clear cases can get the total settlement amount. But you cannot ignore the possibility of specific factors lowering or increasing the same claimed money. One can walk with more than asked if the case involves punitive damages. Remember, settlement calculation is complicated; no specific tool or calculator can figure this out. But laws specify what someone can claim. That’s why seeking an attorney’s help can be more sensible.

Car accident attorneys know these cases and understand what can get you the rightful compensation. Hence, they will work around it with the details you furnish. If you find a reputable agency, you can rely entirely on them. Since San Diego has many law firms, you must check their background and client testimonies. Credible agencies often talk about cases they solved in the past and the amount of money they secured for their clients in compensation. It can be a confidence booster. You will know where you are walking into. You can peacefully focus on your healing as they run the show on your behalf.


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