Cloud Seeding – The Latest in Luxury Wedding Trends

Cloud Seeding - The Latest in Luxury Wedding Trends

Most brides today have enough to worry about in preparation for their big wedding day. Often women view this magical day as one of the most important moments in their lives. Many brides strive for absolute perfection concerning their important wedding day and have the ability to control everything from the guestlist, to ordering bulk lace table runners, to the actual ceremony. All except the fate of the weather, that is up until now.

The newest trend in luxury weddings is being able to ensure sunny weather on your wedding day, one of the most prominent worries among all brides alike. Luxury vacation planners Oliver’s Travels now offer the ‘perfect day’ package priced at £100,000 (currently $152,000 American), utilizing the technology of ‘cloud seeding’, guaranteeing fair weather and clear skies on your wedding day. The technology can help prevent the most beautiful day from becoming a disaster.

Oliver Bell, Co-Founder of Oliver’s Travels, expresses:

“We pride ourselves on our quirky approach, and are thrilled to be able to offer such an unusual, unique service to our customers, to ensure their wedding is the talk of the town.”

Cloud Seeding - The Latest in Luxury Wedding Trends

The process of ‘cloud seeding’ or ‘cloud bursting’ is pretty straightforward. The whole process takes about 3 weeks as a lot of hard-work and planning is involved in creating this spectacular moment. It takes about a week to secure an airplane, a pilot and meteorologists to France and back. The team will need to be on the ground at least a week before the big event. The process of cloud ‘seeding’ or ‘bursting’ involves small rockets of silver iodide particles being fired into the clouds by an airplane. The compound essentially allows the water vapour to condense over the next 24 hours, freezing the particles and ‘bursting’ the cloud. This burst produces rain ensuring the next day to be shining and clear for the blushing bride and her guests. A hurricane or other extreme weather is the only exception to the company’s £100,000 guarantee.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Summer Games - Cloud Seeding - The Latest in Luxury Wedding Trends

The technique of ‘cloud seeding’ was developed in Russia in the 1940s and is now widely used in China today.  China exercises this technology to provide rainfall to drought-stricken areas, to prevent rain and to disperse pollution during public holidays for clear skies. This technique was implemented prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies to certify the stadium remained dry. Cloud seeding was also reportedly utilized by Paul McCartney at one of his gigs in 2003, and at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in 2012.

Cloud Seeding - The Latest in Luxury Wedding Trends

The service now being offered by Oliver’s Travels is exclusive only to destination weddings in select areas of France due to certain rules set in place. The company will only fly within a 30 km (18.64 mile) radius from major airports.  One of the goals of the company is to expand later into the UK and Italy based on popularity of the service. For those spending large amounts already, taking full advantage of sunny skies is definitely worth it, as it is hard to put a price tag on sheer wedding day perfection.


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