Real Estate Tips – Importance Of A Home Inspection When Buying A House

Real Estate Tips - Importance Of A Home Inspection When Buying A House

Buying a house is probably one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make in your life. Usually, people have to save money for years in order to afford a home. Aside from checking its aesthetics and price, are you aware that conducting a home inspection when buying a home is just as important? A home inspection should always be on top of your to-do list when buying a house. When you choose a reputable home inspection company, you’ll be able to get a thorough examination of the house you’re eyeing to buy.

Home inspection is important part of the buying process because of the following reasons:

Provides An “Opt-Out” Option For The Purchase

When you work with a professional home inspector to conduct the property inspection, you’ll gain critical information about the condition of a specific house. An inspection allows you to determine the costs and repairs the house might need immediately or in the future. Buying a house that requires a lot of unexpected repairs or replacements might not be a smart investment. If you are not satisfied with the overall condition of the house because of major problems found in the home inspection, you can work with your agent to find better options. Declining to move forward and opting-out of the purchase after discovering issues with the home beforehand can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Allows You To Determine The Safety Of The House

Providing a safe and healthy place for their families to live is a critical buying aspect. Merely looking at the aesthetics and cost of the house for sale might not be the best course of action when you want a safe living space for your family. Hazards can come in many forms, and when you’re buying a house, an inspection can help determine dangerous elements within the home like unstable foundations, walls, or leaks in the gas pipes, among many others. An inspection is a great precaution, so you won’t have to compromise the safety and health of your entire household. In case you are buying a house with the goal to sell it after a short period of time then you should read this guide on house flipping and pre-inspection which helps you determine if the property is worth the investment.

Can Reveal Illegal Additions Or Installations

Before homeowners can undergo any renovation or addition project on their property, they have to secure permits from local offices. Depending on your state, you’ll likely even need a permit when you’re installing fences, adding a new garage, or changing the electrical and plumbing features of your home. When you buy a home that has illegal additions or installations, you could be facing some long-term consequences as the new property owner that you may not be aware of. A home inspection can reveal if there’s any illegal additions or installations in a home, allowing you to avoid unforeseen problems in the future.

Allows You To Find Structural Problems

As a homebuyer, you can only assess the condition of a home based on its interior and exterior features you see. Most homebuyers wouldn’t see any structural damage if it’s covered with a fresh coat of paint or if new drywall has been installed. It’s essential to assess if the home is structurally sound, and a home inspection can help you find any structural problems, especially in old homes. A professional home inspection will determine if the house has any structural or foundation issues that could impact the safety, livability and economic value of a home so that you can make a prudent purchase decision as a homebuyer.


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