Choosing Where To Live In Los Angeles, California

Choosing Where To Live In Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is an eclectic city with varying neighborhoods whose residents differ in how they view the city. For instance, if you live in Highland Park, you will have a different day to day life than a person who lives in Venice. Choosing where to live in Los Angeles can be challenging. The location and cost are the most vital factors to consider. The location should be favorable and suitable for all your needs. A lot of research and talking with the people of a neighborhood you are interested in living can simplify your work. Here are tips you can use when choosing where to live in Los Angeles.

Define your priorities

It would be best to have an idea of your perfect home or the features you would want with your apartment. Start by defining those priorities. When looking for an apartment, there are must-haves and nice-to-have. Before you start searching, ask yourself what precisely you are looking for in a Los Angeles neighborhood or location. Do you care more about the commute, the ocean view, good schools, or the apartment’s size? That will help you narrow down your hunt to the locations that meet your priorities.

Factor in the schools

If you are relocating with your kids or if you plan to have kids in the future, consider a Los Angeles neighborhood with the top schools. If the district has a top-ranked school, be assured of living with neighbors who send their kids to the best schools. A community with top schools tends to be valuable and convenient in terms of excellent amenities and ease of accessing the public transport system. So, living there would undoubtedly offer you the convenience you need.

Consider your commute

Before you settle on a neighborhood in LA, consider how you will be getting to work or any other place you need to access daily. That is very important. Los Angeles is a city with an excellent public transport system, which is also large. However, it is a mostly driving city whereby roads mostly jam up. So, it would be best if you chose to live close to where you work or go to school. When you factor in that, you can determine how much time you are willing to spend on your commute and what conveniences you prefer.

Consider your budget

It would be unthoughtful to search for an apartment without factoring in your budget. Again, when you approach most realtors, the first thing they ask you is your budget and location. Since you are looking for a Los Angeles location, consider your pocket to narrow down your search further. Research about the average rent in Los Angeles and remember that, like most cities, some neighborhoods in LA are pricier to live in than others. Choose what is affordable for you.

Look for an apartment based on your priorities.

After making the due considerations of your dream apartment, base your search for an apartment on that, and your work will be easy. As earlier mentioned, when you find an apartment that meets all your requirements, do your research about the neighborhood by asking the neighbors or through online searches. Also, once you get the apartment that suits your needs, you can check it out during the day and night to view what the neighborhood is like during the different times.

Search both online and physically

Today everything is on the internet. You can search through the many online platforms to get the exact pricing and locations of available apartments. However, be careful not to get scammed. There is no harm in being cynical and do not send any money blindly. Always see the apartment in person. Plus, physical searching exposes you to the best deals through word of mouth, and you will get the feel of the apartment. When you view the apartment, you will see the neighborhood, the building, and how close it matches the online photos.

The Bottom Line

Following this guide, your search for a location or neighborhood to live in Los Angeles will be easy. Remember to do your research on who you are doing business with and know your rights.


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