Cardok Underground Garage – The Ultimate Urban Solution for Secure Luxury Car Parking and Storage

Cardok Underground Garage - The Ultimate Urban Solution for Secure Luxury Car Parking and Storage

Even by luxury real estate standards, parking is always at a premium. In today’s urban city environments and constrained development spaces, even the privileged can find car storage and security to be a major issue. From Paris to London, New York to Los Angeles, onsite garage parking of owners’ vehicles is an essential feature of luxury residences. However, as is often the case, garage space can become a limiting factor as an owner’s parking needs increase.

One of the most elegant answers to the unsettling problem of not having enough parking spaces comes to us from Swiss company, Cardok. Perhaps the ultimate solution for urban living and off-street parking limitations, Cardok is an underground parking system that doubles your parking space while providing greater security than a locked garage.

Even the grandest of luxury homes can benefit from Cardok’s underground parking system. The original Cardok system incorporates a two-vehicle lift designed to accommodate virtually any production car, including luxury saloons and four-wheel drives. With one car parked on top of the closed Cardok, a second parking space remains available discretely out of sight below ground, for a second vehicle, or as additional storage space.

Press the remote control, and the Cardok starts to lift, revealing the parking space below ground. Within less than thirty seconds, the Cardok is completely open. A second car can then be driven onto the Cardok’s lower platform. Press the button again, and the Cardok is closed, hiding the second car fully from view. The driveway returns to its normal appearance; the top car can be driven away, and a passer-by would struggle to guess what’s concealed underneath.

Engineered to the highest safety standards, the remote control for the system has a simple ‘hold-to-run’ operation, meaning that it stops the instant it is released. To operate the Cardok, the button must be held depressed. The lift stops whenever the pressure is released. In the event of a power outage, a small back-up generator will ensure the lift can still be raised.

The Cardok system is designed to accommodate one or more cars below ground while vehicles are parked on top. As well as doubling the amount of parking space for a residence, Cardok offers far greater security than a conventional garage. Virtually impregnable in the lowered position, the unit sits flush with the ground, with a solid metal lid preventing undesired access while also offering maximum discretion.

“Once your car is underground, nobody will be able to break into it or vandalize it,” says Cardok’s Patrick Martin. “It’s like a safe.” But it’s not just for luxury cars, he insists.

This clever and stylish automotive storage system is a brilliant solution for the perennial parking and storage problems people face with urban living today. It is also an attractive solution for architects and engineers were development space is at a premium. A driveway or garage that normally allows parking space for a single vehicle can be converted with an underground Cardok system to accommodate a second vehicle in the same space. This makes the Cardok a very attractive proposition for almost any residence with expanded parking needs.


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