Best Summer Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2021

Best Summer Interior Design Trends to Follow

Summer is an ideal time to improve your living space and make it more welcoming and positive. Besides, refreshing home décor is always fun and does not necessarily mean spending much money. Whether you prefer a casual design or a more formal decorating style, it is your chance to express your personality and bring back life to your home. Below you will find several summer interior design trends for 2021, which will make you get excited about your new warm and refreshing living space.

Best summer interior design trends to follow in 2021

1. Create multifunctional space

Multifunctional spaces have recently become one of the major interior design trends. Feel free to use your living room not only as a living room but also as a pilates studio. Double up your kitchen as a classroom or office and your bedroom as a boardroom. With so many people continuing working from home, it is especially important to focus on multi-functional spaces with efficient storage solutions and appropriate Zoom background.

2. Bring the outdoors inside

Summer is usually associated with blooming flowers and lush green trees. Do not hesitate to decorate your home with tall, standing house plants, such as a snake plant or monstera. Such sturdy plants can add a vibrant pop of color to your rooms and turn your home into a living gallery. Besides, they are known to bring calm and purify the air. If you are not good at gardening, opt for fake plants that look realistic. Thus, you won’t have to worry about watering your plants, but you will still have a little piece of garden in your home. One more tip: if your windows are obscured by drapery and curtains, tuck those extra layers away to bring the outdoors inside and fill your home with harmony and happiness.

3. Consider botanic prints

If you are not ready to become a plant parent, you can also welcome nature into your home and “green” your space with botanical prints. While living plants clean the air and release oxygen, plant motifs and botanical prints can improve your mental health and boost your productivity. The fact is that such prints incorporate colors that evoke an optimistic mood. For example, pay special attention to the yellow color, as it can inspire creativity. Green is also a good choice, as it reminds us of country lanes, forest trails, and garden parties, connecting us to nature this way.

4. Get artsy

Summer is the perfect time to paint your walls. If you are fed up with your white-walled bedroom, then put on your old jeans and t-shirt and turn on your creative imagination. Give your living space a chic, mod-style vibe by using colors that are in vogue right now (e.g., yellow, royal blue, red, etc.). In case a major painting project is not an option, you may embrace your inner artist and look for a bold original artwork or fine art print to put on a marked accent on your wall. Consider a professional art installation service if you want to turn one of your walls into a personal art gallery. 

5. Choose sculptural furniture

Organic forms and carefully curated displays may create a dramatic atmosphere in neutral spaces. A great idea is to use striking sculptural furnishings and lighting to create an interesting and beautiful design. If you love ceramics, put your items together on a humble window shelf or behind glass. Shapely and curved vessels, along with sculptural furniture, will probably spark great interest and draw the eye of your guests.

6. Update the lampshades

To give your home a personalized look, try updating your lamps with some newer shades. Make your lighting appear special and unique by switching out the standard stock shade for something entirely different. There is a myriad of options for any taste and budget, so you can choose a new and original lampshade without spending big.

7. Add metallic touches

Everyone loves a bit of glam and glitz. This summer, you should opt for warm metallic, such as copper, gold, bronze, rose gold, and brass. Do not be afraid to get creative when it comes to metallic accents. Think of lampshades, plant pots, candleholders, decorative bowls, picture frames, etc. Match and mix different tones to apply this cool interior design trend. For instance, if you already have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, you can match that cool-toned silver with a warmer bronze color for your wine rack, cabinet door handles, sink hardware, or dishes.

8. Escape into cottagecore

This style will please anyone who likes the modern look of their homes but wants to add some character details into their places. This is a good option for spaces that already have several style-specific features like original floorboards, panelled walls, or exposed beams but can still be updated with a good combination of new and old items. Choose reclaimed wood as the core material and make it work together with your décor elements harmoniously. Be bold and look for unique pieces that show texture and grain.

9. Organize outdoor entertaining

Multi-functional spaces are good not only for the interiors; your garden can also accommodate different requirements. Feel free to transform a pool house into an outdoor living space, converse around a fire pit, soak up the sun from your garden gazebo, or cook an al-fresco meal in your backyard kitchen.

10. Pamper yourself

Sometimes, we all need to gratify ourselves to boost our happiness, health, and well-being. A perfect solution would be to add a bit of luxury to your home to cheer yourself up. Besides, luxe is a popular design trend this summer. Even slight changes, such as new accessories and cushions, can make a big difference to your overall design. Plus, a bit of shimmer and shine will probably give your home a lift.

Follow these top interior design trends 2021, and you will soon feel much more refreshed and inspired in your home this summer.


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