The Best Chainsaw Size For Landscaping

The Best Chainsaw Size for Landscaping

We can be very thankful for power tools! The advent of affordable tools for the domestic market means that many jobs that were once a chore can now be achieved with ease. From drilling and sanding to planning and sawing, there’s a lot to be said for having the right power tools in your shed or workshop.

The chainsaw was once mainly used by commercial operators – tree surgeons, for example, for whom it is an essential tool of the trade. These days there are smaller, yet still powerful examples designed for use around the home. Deciding on the right chainsaw for your specific needs can be overwhelming. For this reason, it is important to seek out reviews and buying guides from power tool experts like Best Of Machinery.

Affordable and easy to use, the modern breed of the chain saw is lighter and more manageable than the commercial type. They come in three types of power sources – a battery, a mains electric connection or a gas-powered chain saw. If you are wondering how to utilize a chainsaw, here are Chainsaw Useage Guides.

The latter tend to be bigger and more powerful; hence the one you eventually choose will more than likely be electric. We’ll talk about the difference between those in a moment and also about the options of size, but first, we have to remind you that safety is paramount when using a chainsaw of any kind.

A chainsaw uses a fast-moving chain which rotates around the mechanism, and contact with this can be difficult. It is essential you wear gloves, eye protectors and other protective clothing, and that you treat the machine with care. Never let children near a chainsaw, and if possible, have some training in using one before you go ahead. So, now we’ve got that out of the way, what size is best for you, and which power source do you need?

Size and Power

We’ll get the power source problem out of the way first: for the easiest to use and most versatile machine for a domestic garden, an electric chainsaw always wins hands down. They are lighter yet offer similar amounts of power. You have a choice of corded or battery models. Corded means you need to be connected to the mains electricity point when it’s in use – which is fine if you have a small yard or outdoor area and are always close to one.

Cordless battery-powered models have a powerful battery that will usually give you plenty of time to do a smile job but may need recharging quite regularly. They are the easiest to use as you are not hindered by a cord, and you can buy extra batteries so you can switch while the other is on a charge. Now, let’s talk about size.

The most popular size for occasional domestic use is the 18-inch chainsaw—one reason why it is a phenomenon known as a kickback. With a chainsaw, you start the saw and lower it onto the wood you are about to cut. As the chain is moving fast when it hits the wood, it can rebound – or kickback. 

With a large chainsaw, this can be dangerous and unnerving, and the kickback itself can be very powerful. With an 18-inch saw, you get less of the kickback effect as the saw itself is shorter. Hence it is safer and easier for the non-expert to use. We strongly recommend that you look for an 18-inch model, and also that you practice beforehand, as it can still kick back at you.

Do I Need a Chainsaw?

This is the burning question: why are you looking at chainsaw reviews? Perhaps you have trees on your property that need regular trimming or pruning, or bushes that need keeping in shape? Or it could be that you burn wood as a fuel and need a way to cut it down quickly and easily? These are just a few of the reasons why people buy a chainsaw, and rest assured, once you have one, you will find any job that involves cutting wood a lot easier and far less time-consuming. 

Chainsaws, as seen on Tools Adventure, are no longer the expensive item they once were, thanks to modern manufacturing processes and a healthy market, so have a look at the review we pointed you to and read all about some of the best brands on the market once you get your saw to have a little practice before you get to work and remember the safety rules too!


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