Bedroom Ideas – Upgrades That Can Make Your Room Look Nicer and Cozier

Bedroom Ideas - Upgrades That Can Make Your Room Look Nicer and Cozier

Arguably, the bedroom is the all-time favorite place among most people and serves as one of their safest havens inside the home. This is because it’s where you can freely be yourself, show emotions you can’t otherwise express to other people, and just do all the things you want. Its four walls mark the boundary of your space, your private space.

However, there may come a time when you’ll get bored looking at its familiar corners, and the comfort and peace it once gave you may not feel so comforting anymore. You know it’s time for an upgrade when this happens.

There’s nothing more rewarding than a good sleep in a nice, cozy bedroom after a tiring day. So why settle for something so outdated, not to mention monotonous, when you can groom your space to make it not just look aesthetically pleasing, but feel warm and pleasant, too? If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it!

Listed below are some bedroom makeover ideas you might want to consider.

Level-up Your Bed

Changing sheets, buying new pillows, or even having throw blankets can increase your level of comfort. However, if the bed is too old, it’s sagging, makes too much noise, and you feel aches all over your body, it might be time to switch to a new mattress.

You can purchase one at your nearest local store, but if you don’t want the hassle of personally going to a showroom, especially that we are still in a pandemic, a better option is to buy them online. Nowadays, mattresses in a box have gained popularity among consumers.

As its name suggests, the bed is compressed and rolled into a box, making it more convenient to be delivered to your homes. Even when they are bought online, most customer reviews suggest that their quality and durability are almost the same as those you can buy in physical stores.

Redesign Your Walls

The most effective way to transform your room and make a statement is by redesigning your walls. One means to do this is by painting them, preferably with light, neutral shades, so that it’s easy to combine them with other accent colors. Some people also like to display their personality and style through wallpapers to make the walls look more lively.

Putting up wall hangings on a newly painted or patterned wall also adds spice to the mix. You can hang a tapestry to add a touch of design to a plain wall. If tapestries are not your thing, you can decorate the walls with a few framed digital prints or pendant arts to look a little more modern and classy.

You may think that it’s a bit unnecessary, but wall art does matter.

Consider the Lighting

Your bedroom’s lighting is fairly important, too. The overall mood that the room gives is highly affected by the light coming in, and one thing you must put in mind is that it should create a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Although you spend most of the time sleeping in your bedroom, you’d also want to get enough light to do tasks like dressing or reading.

The natural light from the windows is essential as it provides the room’s overall illumination. However, to get the best lighting experience, consider layering the lights with ambient, accent, and task lighting. You can add artificial lights such as ceiling fixtures, bedside lamps, or wall sconces.

You might also want to hang curtains so that you can control the bright light coming from your windows. If you want, you can hang them higher than the usual right-over-the-top-of-the-window style. This gives the window an extra visual height, making the ceiling appear higher and your space looks larger.

Add Floating Shelves

If you don’t have enough space for a freestanding shelf or generally don’t like to add one but still want to display your photos and store other items stylishly, then floating shelves are for you. This shelving type easily fits within a minimalist decoration and can be your go-to storage solution to avoid looking overly crowded, especially in a tight space.

Besides these functions, they also make the walls look more streamlined, more organized, and, most importantly, more modern.

Install Decorative Hardware

If you feel like you want to keep some of your old furniture, maybe ones that do not necessarily take too much space, you can update them by changing their hardware. This is a useful transformative technique to turn your dressers, nightstands, console tables, and the likes from ordinary to extraordinary.

With simple tools like the screwdriver, drill, and other necessary equipment (of course, with a few dollars), you can replace the old knobs with trendy pulls and handles. True, these may not be the most important part of your room, but giving them attention can beautify the whole space effectively. After all, there is still beauty in the details.

Get a Desk

Now that we are trying to incorporate the “work from our homes” setting or even have classes online, we also need to style our bedroom to cope with the online set-up. Sometimes, we may not feel like going to our home offices or other areas and just want to stay in bed.

To do that, you can get a desk to place your laptops and other things you need while working. If the problem is the space, you can get multifunctional furniture that can be a nightstand or perhaps a drawer, and then use their surface as desks.


True enough, making a bedroom upgrade is a major project, but it doesn’t have to be altogether complicated. If you know where and what to start, how you want your room to look like, and purchase the necessary equipment, you can have a successful update in no time.


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