Beat the Heat – 10 Swimming Pool Design Ideas to Complete Your Backyard

Beat the Heat - 10 Swimming Pool Design Ideas to Complete Your Backyard

Many homeowners are looking to have a backyard pool installed in their homes. With the summers getting hotter and the fact that pools making a property’s value skyrocket in many locations, it seems to be a sensible choice to do so. There are lots of swimming pool designs out there that can inspire you and help get a sense of what’s good for your yard and what’s not. Take the time to go through as many designs as you need to find that one that will be your dream pool.

Here’s a list of ten different swimming pool designs to get your research started.

1. Resort-Style Swimming Pool

Only a few pools around the world can match the beauty and aesthetics of a hotel or resort’s swimming pool. This is because they have their pools designed to make it look attractive enough to entice visitors to take a dip and to match the prestige of their establishment. For this reason, it’s often a good idea to take inspiration from them and look to build your pool in a similar design. Pulling off the resort look is also easy enough for a backyard swimming pool. All you need is to surround your pool with lawn chairs and patio umbrellas. With those in place, your backyard will look prestigious and tasteful.

2. Tropical Garden Swimming Area

If you want to make your dip in the pool as relaxing as it can get, then this may be the inspiration you’re looking for. Designing your pool area to look like a tropical garden can be pleasing to the eyes and the nose as well. For this, you’ll need to bring in and grow tropical flowers. Setting these around your pool and backyard will help you complete the theme and bring pleasing scents when they bloom. The only real problem you’ll encounter here is maintaining the plants. They’re easy enough to maintain in the summer when the temperature is right. Come winter though, you’ll need to tend to them as much as you can to keep them alive.

3. Aquarium Swimming Pools

Aquarium pools or fish tank pools are among the trending pool designs today. The theme focuses on having transparent walls on an elevated swimming pool. This makes it so viewers will be able to see others as they swim in the pool. This requires an elevated swimming pool so the glass walls don’t go unnoticed. Make sure to don’t cheap out on the glass walls. They’ll be what holds the entire pool together, so you’ll want them as strong as they can be.

4. Beach Style Splash Pool

A splash pool is one that has a gentle slope going into the water, not needing any stairs or ladders. This is a great design to use if you’re thinking about making a beach-style backyard. This is because beaches have a natural slope going deeper as people go further. To pull this off, all you need is beach-colored tiles to use for your pool. Start with light, sand-colored ones to act as the beach itself. Then, as you go deeper into the pool, replace those colors with deep blue to recreate the depth of the sea.

5. Glow in the Dark Swimming Pool Design

If you want to impress your guests with a unique pool, then you should go for one that’s sure to knock their socks off. A glowing swimming pool is an easy and cost-effective way to do so. For this, you don’t need much except a big swimming pool and a lot of knowledge in wire maintenance. This is because all of the lights that will emanate will come from the bottom of your swimming pool. Choosing noticeable colors like orange, green, yellow, or anything that comes close to their spectrum is best for this swimming pool idea. They provide a soft glow, making it look as if your pool has glow-in-the-dark properties. For maximum effect, it’s best to invite guests over for a nighttime pool party. This will allow you to display the glow in the dark aesthetic you’re going for better.

6. Infinity Swimming Pool

If you happen to be overlooking a lake or any body of water, then it’s in your best interest to build an infinity pool instead of a regular one. Infinity pools are those who appear as if they’re merging with any body of water in the swimmer’s view. This gives them unparalleled beauty compared to any other type of pool. A pool like this doesn’t come cheap though. The cost of a pool like this depends on a lot of factors. Other luxuries like enhanced lighting are optional but provide a nice ambiance to the pool.

7. All-Natural Swimming Pool

Want to get in touch with nature? By having an all-natural swimming pool, you can do this while you’re relaxing. Being all-natural doesn’t mean you’re going to go with an unfiltered pool and all that. All-natural can mean looking as natural as it can get in this case. This means a rocky poolside, wild floral accents, and mossy-looking pool borders. You can also use natural-looking tiles to deepen the effect of going all-natural.

8. Camping Ground Swimming Pool

This is a rising trend in swimming pools today. This design has an area dug into the pool where people can sit down and gather around a campfire. Often, this area gets protected from the rest of the pool to keep the seats and the campfire dry. This is a great way to make an entire day dedicated to relaxation. You can cool off in the pool in the morning and transition to a relaxing time warming up around a fire at night.

9. Stacked Rock Formations

Stacking natural-looking rock formations are great swimming pool designs for their neutrality. This kind of décor can be flexible enough to suit any theme you have in your mind. Often, people go for natural-looking formations because they open up different avenues for other themes in the future. All you need is to tweak the design a little and they can go from canyon rock formations to a jungle theme rock formation. These are also great for installing water slides to your pool. They make slides look like a natural part of the design.

10. Long and Narrow Swimming Pool

These are another rising trend in houses nowadays. The reason for this is because narrow and long pools have a modern-looking design. These kinds of pools take up less space, meaning less maintenance in the long run. Not to mention their compactness also allows you to focus more on decorating the area. Their narrow design also makes this a great choice for smaller yards.


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