Be Prepared For Emergencies – Review of Whole Home Generators

Be Prepared For Emergencies - Review of Whole Home Generators

Whether you are prepping for an active hurricane season or just want to make sure that your family doesn’t go without power during an emergency, we are here to show you options. Having a whole home generator might be the answer you have been looking for.

Keep reading for different reviews of whole house generators.

Generac 22KW

This whole home generator can power an entire large home without any problems. It is actually one of the largest air-cooled home generators available in the market right now. It has 22,000 watts giving it the ability to provide energy supply for an entire home including appliances such as air conditioners, heating appliances, televisions, etc.

This model comes with an automatic transfer switch that works indoors or outdoors. If you love using your smartphone to control appliances then you will love that this generator can be controlled with your smartphone or your computer. It gives you the ability to monitor the operation status and even set up a maintenance schedule for it.

Briggs & Stratton

Model 40346 is perfect for medium to large-sized homes that have 200 amp service. This generator has a 35HP engine that you can find in certain tractor brands. Although it is not very difficult to install this unit, make sure to contact an electrician for the final 240v hookup if you do not have experience dealing with such high voltage.

This unit has a weekly diagnostic that runs like clockwork and it is very reliable. This generator can also be controlled from your computer if you prefer.

Generac 16kW 6462

This option is best for a medium-size home. One of the bonuses is that this generator is able to resist hurricane speed winds thanks to its durable metal enclosure. If you live in a hurricane-prone area then this Generac will come in handy and you won’t have to worry about it blowing away because it is rated for 150 mph winds.

This generator has a composite mounting pad that eliminates the need to have a concrete base if your local ordinances allow it.

This is another generator that you can control via a wi-fi connection on your computer or your smartphone. Even if you are hundreds of miles away as long as you keep the wi-fi mode on you will be able to control the unit.

Westinghouse WGen9500DF

This generator has the ability to run all critical household appliances such as the refrigerator, sump pump, AC, and light circuits. The total power output for the Westinghouse is 12,500 starting watts.

You have the option to use either propane or gasoline for it to run and you can expect it to run for up to 17 hours on lower electric loads before having to refill the tank.

This generator does have the transfer switch ready outlet to allow it to automatically turn on when all the power goes out in the home. It also has a remote start option if you prefer to control it yourself.

This generator is a bit noisy because of its size but you can place it in an enclosure to help reduce the noise if it bothers you.

Kohler 2000 Watt

Kohler made this unit with noise reduction in mind. If you prefer something a bit quieter then this might be your first pick. It comes with a composite noise-dampening enclosure that makes it more silent than many other whole home generators.

Even on higher power loads it runs smooth and will give you peace of mind when it comes to reliability. You have the ability to set up text alerts and online monitoring to always stay on top of it while it is running.

A huge plus to this unit is that it comes with a 5-year warranty that covers almost everything in the unit.

Generac 1100 Watt 7033

This is a V-twin generator that runs strong even with heavy power loads that comes with having a bigger home. If you have smaller electricity requirements like 16 or 20kW, then this Generac might be best for your situation.

The maintenance of this unit is fairly easy and straightforward. It mainly consists of changing the oil and once in a while some of its plugs. It is a bit noisy but it is still quieter than portable generator units.

What Do You Need to Know?

Before you buy your whole home unit you want to keep in mind that the more power you need the more it will cost. You also want to keep fuel costs in mind because the more energy you use the more fuel you will have to use.

A whole house unit will be much quieter than portable units but they will still come with some noise. You want to check the manufacturer ratings to see how noisy the unit is. The closer the unit is to your home the lower the level of noise you want to choose.

Please keep in mind that going through a whole house generator installation might seem overwhelming because of all the options available, but take it one step at a time and call in the professionals to make sure it is installed correctly.

Which Whole Home Generator Will You Choose?

Now that you have our whole home generator reviews, you can weigh out your options and make a decision. A generator can help you either live off-grid or help you in case you lose power during a hot summer day or freezing winter night. It will also give you peace of mind that none of your pipes will freeze or that the food in the refrigerator will spoil.

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