Baker’s Best – 10 Essential Equipment Every Baker Needs

Baker's Best - 10 Essential Equipment Every Baker Needs
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A well-equipped bakery is indeed a baker’s best friend. Having the right baking equipment and tools can make you confident in preparing delicious pastries. If you are looking forward to reopening your bakery business, it is vital to know the restaurant reopening guidelines and get yourself equipped with these baking essentials.

  • Handheld Electric Mixer – A portable electric handheld mixing and blending tool is truly a baker’s best friend. Designed with different mixing speeds (low, medium, and high), it helps beat, whip, and combine ingredients easily and consistently. Make sure to purchase a mixer with various attachments, such as whisks, sifters, bread dough hooks, spatulas, and bowls. Handheld electric mixers are highly effective at mixing cake batter, fluffing up meringue, and making pastry and frosting. 
  • Digital Scale – A digital scale provides more accurate measurement than measuring cups. It makes you feel confident to follow the exact measurement of the ingredients. 
  • Mixing Bowls – Another must-have baking asset is a good set of mixing bowls. Many professional bakers prefer metal mixing bowls as they are easier to clean and light to carry. Make sure they are heatproof and comes in different sizes.
  • Sieve or Sifter – One of the simplest yet extremely vital baking item you must have. Sifting dry ingredients helps you achieve a light, airy cake. The manual sieve is perfect for small, quick baking projects, while the mini-sifter is used for dusting baked items with powder sugar.
  • Baking Trays and Cooling Racks – Also known as a baking sheet, a baking tray is a multi-function flat metal baking tool designed for baking sausage rolls to braided bread or roasting foods in an oven. Cooling racks (also called wire racks) enable proper air circulation to cool down baked goods and prevent them from getting soggy due to condensation. 
  • Measuring Jug – This multi-purpose heatproof glass is used to measure and melt ingredients quickly in the microwave. For accurate measurement, replace the measuring jug as soon as possible when the markings fade.
  • Cake Pans – Every baker should invest in a good set of cake pans of different sizes. It comes in different types, shapes, and sizes. Cake pans are essential for making cakes, tortes, and cheesecakes.
  • Spatula – This is another multi-functional handheld baking tool used for frosting cakes, spreading toppings, or mixtures smoothly. While it primarily functions as a decorating tool, a stainless steel spatula can also serve slices of cakes, pies, or bars, turn mini pancakes, remove cookies from baking trays, and turn hamburger patties.
  • Oven Thermometer – Having a reliable oven thermometer is critical for baking. While most ovens come with an internal thermometer, it only gauges the temperature where the thermometer is installed. An oven thermometer provides a more accurate temperature reading inside of your oven. 
  • Baking Paper or Non-Stick Baking Spray – These baking essentials prevent your cake or pastry from sticking on the pan. Baking paper is used for lining the square and round cake tins and for wrapping cookies and bars. Non-stick baking sprays keep your novelty tins and your cakes come out clean every time.

According to health and safety Toronto professionals, a health and safety program is a vital plan of action designed to prevent accidents and occupational diseases. So while these baking equipment and tools are essential for baking goods, the air filter in Toronto technician helps remove dust, fibrous lint, and other contaminants from personnel or object surfaces to keep your baking area clean to avoid contamination in the preparation area.


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