Art and Antique Collectors – What You Need to Know Before Hiring Movers

Art and Antique Collectors - What You Need to Know Before Hiring Movers

Deciding on a new home is never simple, but if you’re an art or antique collector, there are plenty of other things to consider before you’ve found and purchased that perfect new luxury home. Whether you’re moving a lifetime’s worth treasures into a new home or packing up just a few odds and ends to furnish a weekend house, making sure that everything arrives safely, securely and on time is of the utmost importance. Once you’ve made the decision on a new home purchase it’s time to turn your attention to moving.

Here are three things that you need to know before hiring a moving company:

What their insurance policy covers

You might assume that your movers are fully insured in case of a vehicle accident, a bump moving something upstairs, or the theft of your belongings, but all insurance policies are not created equal, unfortunately. Before you entrust your precious art and antiques to just anyone, make sure you’re clear on the specifics of your movers’ insurance policy and how you’ll be compensated in the result of damage or loss.

What their experience with art and antiques is

Whether your most prized possession is a hand-dyed Persian rug or a Renoir, it’s important to know what your movers have handled before. As soon as you start a conversation with a moving company, ask them what their art-handling experience is; fine art movers may be more expensive than your average man with a van, but it’s worth every penny to have the experts on hand when invaluable belongings are being handled.

What additional hours cost

Even if you’re bringing the same belongings, don’t assume that your move into a one-story oceanfront beach house in Malibu will cost the same amount or take the same amount of time as getting your things into a sky-high luxury penthouse at Jean Nouvel designed 53W53 in New York City. While you might think that having a bank of elevators and building staff at your disposal would speed up the process, it can actually add to wait times and make your move longer than you’d anticipated. Even if you’re using the same company, a number of variables can affect the cost and duration of your move, so make sure that you’re well-aware of how much you could be on the hook for should your move run long.


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