Argo Outdoor Furniture Collection by Talenti Outdoor Living Italy

Argo Outdoor Furniture Collection by Talenti Outdoor Living Italy

The Argo outdoor furniture collection is inspired by the theme of the wooden box and shows a rigorous, clean and geometrical language. The collection is characterized by big lateral waistbands that contain the cushions and make the seat deep and cozy. To this play the designers intentionally added a sledge base in order to create a magical suspension of padding and of proportions.

The collection is enriched by a padding with sculptural shape, whose peculiarity is an all-embracing intertwined volume. The abundant padded seats and the particular wood feet, perfectly dialogue with the other element of the collection.

Inspired by very interesting historical precedents, such as that of Sottsass or that of Scarpa, Argo develops the theme of the wooden box, a rigorous and clean, geometric and informal language, characterized by large side bands to contain the cushions, as well as the sitting becomes deep and welcoming. The designers wanted to combine this game with sled feet, thus creating a magical suspension of the upholstery and proportions.

The intertwined and embracing volume of the dining sofa combines with the comfortable and abundant cushions and creates a play of shapes that completes the refinite taste of Argo Collection. The Argo sunbed comes with voluminous shapes strongly characterized by the full-bodied textures of the fabrics and the detail of the sled feet that creates a magical suspension of the cushion.

  • Name: Argo
  • Brand: Talenti Outdoor Living
  • Product: Furniture
  • Designer: Ludovica + Roberto Palomba
  • Studio: Palomba Serafini Associati
  • Country: Italy


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