All About Commercial Office Cleaning Services

All About Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services offer an excellent way of staying on top of cleaning tasks around the business. They ensure that your staff have a clean and vibrant place to work and that potential clients or customers are greeted in the perfect way. If you run an office or any other commercial space, you need cleaning services for your business.

Cleaning Express has offered commercial cleaning services across London for nearly a decade and has all of the cleaning services your company needs to thrive. Below, we’re taking an in-depth look at office cleaning services and then all of the other commercial cleaning services that any commercial cleaning customers can take advantage of.

What’s included in office cleaning services?

Office cleaning services are designed to be a complete package. They offer a great impression for your potential clients and ensure that your staff have a clean, uncluttered environment to work in.

Cleaners will clean all areas of the office. Meeting rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, stairs and communal areas – ensuring that every area is dust-free, vacuumed and looks great. Cleaners will come to your office at any time that suits you and your staff in order to keep the disturbance at a minimum. There is also a supervisor on hand to ensure all of the cleaning work is done correctly and improve the training of our cleaners whenever needed. Put simply, office cleaning services are there to help you maintain the best level of cleanliness in your office.

What other commercial cleaning services can an office benefit from?

Regular office cleaning services are excellent at keeping a high level of cleanliness for your staff and clients. But what if your office isn’t too clean right now? Or what if a basic office cleaning package doesn’t have all the cleaning services you need? Well, that’s where these cleaning services come into play.

Deep cleans

An office deep cleaning is the perfect way to bring an office back to life after a few months of not having a cleaner (or a few months of having a cleaner that isn’t doing the job correctly). A team of cleaners can come in and give everything a thorough clean. All kitchens, bathrooms, meeting rooms, desks, cups, and pens will be cleaned.

Deep cleans are also ideal after building work has been completed or if you’ve moved into a new office and want it to feel fresh and exciting for your staff.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

This cleaning service is ideal for keeping your carpets looking fresh and clean. Our carpet cleaning technicians can come to your office and clean every carpet and every piece of upholstery you have. This makes carpets last longer, look newer and provide the best first impression of your business possible. Got sofas in your office? No worries, Cleaning Express cleaners can clean these too!

Window cleaning services

Cleaning Express has just introduced a new window cleaning service for commercial customers. They can clean any windows of your business even if we have to abseil from the roof to do so. Once they’ve finished, your windows will be streak-free and looking great.

Washroom services

While a regular office cleaning package by Cleaning Express does include cleaning the washroom, it doesn’t include other important aspects, like hand soap dispensers, linen towel holders and replacement towels, sanitary bins, air freshener systems and electric hand dryers, for example. Cleaning Express can include these in your cleaning package for an additional price and arrange a maintenance schedule to suit you.

Why choose Cleaning Express?

All of the commercial cleaning services we have mentioned in this article are available as a one-off or standalone cleaning service. So, if you don’t have your commercial space cleaned by Cleaning Express right now, no worries. You can still take advantage of our additional cleaning services. Of course, if you are already a customer of Cleaning Express and would like to add one of these additional cleaning services to your cleaning package with us, you can. Just give Cleaning Express a call, and they can add all of the services you want and none that you don’t need.

Cleaning Express has a dedicated team of passionate and hard-working cleaners who provide the best cleaning services in London for all commercial properties. They are highly trained in all of the cleaning services offered, so you can be sure that when you hire Cleaning Express, the results will be exactly what you want. For those located in the United States and looking for an alternative provider, consider Pritchard Industries, which offers a range of commercial cleaning services tailored to your business needs.

If you’d like to switch from your current cleaners to Cleaning Express, please get in touch. If you have questions about additional cleaning services you’d like to add to your company’s current cleaning packages, they’re ready to help. Or, if you’d like us to create a brand new custom cleaning package, tailored to your business, well, that is just what Cleaning Express does!


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