A New Era Of Homes: Your Home-Tech Essentials

A New Era Of Homes: Your Home-Tech Essentials

With rapid advancements in technology, new homeowners are not as interested in looking for the traditional, spacious, redbrick properties that buyers of the past would have been more inclined to purchase. Instead, a new generation raised amongst technology is focused on a house that can accommodate to their technological interests and needs.

It wouldn’t be surprising for these buyers to be more interested in whether there is room for a flat-screen TV, a strong mobile network signal, opportunities for new tech installation rather than the rich history of the property, or whether the house has a chimney. Times change, and so do people. So, if you find yourself falling under this category of tech-heads, check out these digital essentials for your home.

Multi-Faceted Sockets

Whether your loyalty lies with Apple, Samsung, Google, or a mix of them, the range of different devices equates to a range of battery lives across different technologies; as a result, different plugs, cables, and extenders are required for a variety of different products. While you should always carry a variety of cables and adaptors in your tech survival kit, as ExpressVPN effectively suggests, which should stay with you at all times, the equipment is no good without the facilities to use them. If you like variety with your tech brands, a multi-faceted socket is crucial in keeping up with the change in equipment.

Virtual Assistant Devices

Most famously represented by Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ and Google’s ‘Google Assistant’, AI assistants are a focal point of a high-tech house. While Echo Dots and Google Minis are relatively common in households, true innovation in home technology would see the seamless integration of a network of these devices across the entirety of your home. With devices in each room, the assistant can be accessed from wherever, the devices can be linked & synced to create a fluid synergy amongst the AI in your house, and other home processes can be integrated into the network. Google devices allow voice control over such things as heating, LED lights, and security systems through their virtual assistants. So, get your Tony Stark on and kit your new home out with the closest thing to Jarvis that we can access in the world outside of the MCU.

Home Energy Monitors

Whether you’re interested in saving the planet or saving a few extra pence, domestic monitoring of your energy usage and spending will help you in your journey. Taking out the element of guesswork, home energy monitors allow you to feel in complete control over your bills and how you manage them by connecting directly to your meters and representing the standard, overly complex readings (seriously, can anyone really understand meter readings on old devices?!) in a format that you can gauge instantly – an essential. Sense are leading suppliers in this industry, amongst others from companies like Neurio and CURB.

While there are plenty of other innovative technologies to kit out your dream home with, these are a few great starting points to kickstart your digitalization. Integrate these technologies into your home and watch as living, working, and maintaining your house become less like an individual chore, and more like a collectively supported process.


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