15 Simple Kitchen Updates to Liven Up Your Kitchen

15 Simple Kitchen Updates to Liven Up Your Kitchen

An obsolete kitchen can influence the feel of your entire home, creating a dull and dated mood. The good news is there are several minor projects that handy remodelers can do to give that room a boost, to reignite that space that sees so much congregating and socializing. The best part of all is these upgrades can be done affordably and can work with any budget. These ideas will work well whether you have white Shaker cabinets, gray shaker cabinets, or another version. Here are 15 kitchen remodeling updates for you to consider doing yourself, all for a reasonable price tag.

  1. Create your own DIY Backsplash
    There are various ways to get imaginative with a backsplash, but a fun and exciting approach is to use subway tile. The outcome is an amazing backsplash that can work well with many kitchen designs, including farmhouse, transitional, and country cottage looks.
  1. Build a farmhouse dining table
    This DIY task is a time investment but can be done cheaply if you look around for inexpensive materials. If you are transforming your current area into a farmhouse-style kitchen, this can be the showpiece you need to serve as the nucleus to your entire dining room and kitchen space.
  1. Develop more wall storage
    Utilizing the free space on your walls can unlock critical counter space and help you to make more room in your cabinets. Purchasing shelves, hooks, or racks at a decent price can lead to making this a reasonably priced update.
  1. Swap out your fixtures for new ones
    A new faucet can influence the feel of your kitchen dramatically. This update is a relatively straightforward project for DIY beginners and doesn’t have to bust your budget.
  1. Put in open shelving
    Open shelves can help make the kitchen feel more spacious and airier. There are lots of inexpensive options for shelving out there, each with its own appeal and influence.
  1. Change your hardware
    Changing out your old kitchen cabinet hardware can rejuvenate an entire kitchen. You can try many different combinations of knobs, pulls, and handles to develop a unique and entirely new look.
  1. Find ways to enhance your lighting
    Many times, upgrading the lighting in your room can give it a crisp new mood, changing the space from dull and drab to exciting and well…electric. Swap out your fixtures or incorporate more styles of lighting throughout the kitchen to liven up the space.
  1. Make sure you use all of your extra space
    If you have an unexploited nook or unused corner in your kitchen, try improving it by adding a chair or small table to fit nicely in the spot. The additional furniture inspires socializing and helps to create a welcoming and hospitable tone to the kitchen.
  1. You can paint your cabinets to alter the look
    Even if you discover the perfect kitchen cabinets online, many times, the color may not be exactly what you anticipated when they showed up at your door. Painting the cabinets a new color can solve this problem, whether similar to your original or a brand-new shade and be useful if you want an exciting and energizing change.
  1. Make a simple upgrade to your pantry door
    Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can switch out your pantry door with a substitute. You can go with a screen door, a bright and vibrant new color, or something else you may dream of to liven up the area and give a boost to that part of the kitchen.
  1. Make a change to your kitchen island
    If your kitchen island is looking used and abused, you can put in a new top, add cabinets, or even incorporate appliances to make this component even more practical.
  1. Hang your own pot rack
    Not only will building a hanging pot and pan rack open up cabinet space, but it can also lead to a look that meshes well with both modern and traditional layouts.
  1. Customize your trash bin
    Including a butcher-block countertop to a custom-made trash bin can be an enjoyable and inexpensive project to give your kitchen some character.
  1. Make a contrasting color scheme
    If you have a similar color scheme in your cabinets, you can get creative and paint the lowers or the uppers in contrasting, striking tones.
  1. Make your own DIY range hood cover
    There are several ways to go with a range hood cover, but one clever approach is to incorporate storage.

There are so many DIY designs to update your kitchen on a tight budget. By going with one of these 15 concepts, you will soon be on your way to an updated kitchen. If you are handy, or if you are just starting out on your way to becoming a do-it-yourself expert, there are many minor upgrades to get you going.


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