7 Repairs to Make Before Selling a House

7 Repairs to Make Before Selling a House

As of August 2020, most homes in the US stayed on the market for 56 days on average, from listing to closing. Sure, this was 8 percent less time than homes spent on the market a year prior, but it’s still a long time when you’re looking to sell your home quickly and move on.

The fact is it’s possible to get your home to sell weeks faster than other homes in the area and still make a handsome profit in the process. The best way to do so is to make sure that, before selling a house, you invest in strategic home repairs.

Of course, selling a house as is will still attract offers, but chances are these offers will be few and much less than what you expected for the house. Getting a reputable contractor to give your home the necessary house repairs and touchups before you list it boosts your chances of getting generous offers the moment you put it on the market.

So, which improvements will do the most to entice potential home buyers? Read on to learn more.

1. Start With the Roof

The roof plays a huge role in a home, so every potential buyer will be greatly interested in finding out the condition of this essential part of the house before signing any papers. Get a seasoned roof inspection expert to inspect your roof.

If you recently replaced your roof or have kept up with regular maintenance, chances are you don’t need to worry about expensive repairs. However, if the roof inspection reveals certain structural flaws, address them immediately.

Of course, the top question on your mind right now may be, “How much will it cost to replace my roof?” That depends on structural factors, including:

  • The type of repairs required
  • The materials used
  • The pitch of your roof
  • The time of year you’re doing the repairs
  • The roofing company you work with

To give you a good idea of what you should expect to pay for roof repairs, the current national average cost is $896.

2. Repair Damaged Flooring

What’s the state of your flooring? Do you see damaged-up wood or tired linoleum? Is the carpeting worn out?

A roof that’s in bad shape is an instant turn off for many home buyers. Just one step inside your home is enough to make a potential buyer scratch the home from their list. If you’re serious about enhancing your home’s value before putting your home on the market, then invest in top-notch floor repair.

In case your home has different flooring types for different rooms, you may consider investing in a new floor that’s uniform for all rooms. The goal is to have a seamless feel throughout the home.

What if you cannot afford to overhaul the entire flooring and install a new one? Well, you can still consider refinishing it, especially if you have a hardwood floor. Fitting new carpeting is also a cost-effective floor improvement project that can help.

3. Repair the Doors and Windows

Another thing you need to pay attention to before starting the process of selling a house is whether the doors and windows are in good condition. Outdated doors and creaking windows will scare away even the most willing buyer.

If you’ve been using the same doors and windows for decades, chances are some of them don’t close or open properly. Don’t assume that buyers won’t notice these things. Address these issues on time.

4. Rid Your Home of Any Leaks

Leaks in your home may be caused by a variety of problems, including plumbing issues. These leaks can cause water damage, which is the last thing a potential buyer wants to deal with after purchasing your home.

The solution is to look for any signs of water leaks in your home and deal with them before listing your home. Inspect around showerheads, faucets, and the swimming pool. Walk around the basement and check for any indicators of nearby leaks.

Once you notice any leaks, don’t try to cover them up. Have a contractor patch them up, so they don’t come up during the home inspection.

5. Give the Walls a Paint Job

Giving a home a paint job is a low-cost upgrade that has a huge ROI. An attractive coat of paint can immediately give your home the aesthetic appeal it needs to attract many buyers.

Rather than choosing the type and shade of paint to use based on your preferences, get a professional to help out. That’s because a trained expert can recommend paint options that show your property in its best light.

6. Remodel the Kitchen

There’s a reason that many people consider the kitchen the heart of a home. A great kitchen will have buyers scrambling for your house.

Don’t give the kitchen a full renovation though as the cost of doing so may be very high. Instead, focus on low-cost upgrades that make the greatest impact. For instance, you can update the hardware, replace the countertops, and repaint the cabinets.

Consider replacing the backsplash and updating the lights too. These simple updates can leave your kitchen looking glam without costing you too much.

7. Landscape Your Yard

Now that you’re finished with the interior of the home, it’s time to focus on the outdoors. The yard is among the first areas of your home people see first. You need to make sure that potential buyers like what they see to boost your chances of getting great offers.

If your yard looks patchy, overgrown, or generally neglected, it’s time to sort that out. There’s hardly a better occasion to hire the services of a professional lawn maintenance services. A lawn that looks refreshed and lush can create a powerful first impression, which is exactly what you need when selling your home.

Always Do Necessary Repairs Before Selling a House

Selling a house quickly and for the right price does not need to be the preserve of professionals. All you need is to prepare the home well before listing it on the market. Get your home in the right shape, and you’ll have buyers lining up to snatch it up in no time.

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