6 Ways The Construction Industry Can Benefit From Workforce Management Software

6 Ways The Construction Industry Can Benefit From Workforce Management Software

No matter which area of building work your company participates in, WFM can help. Construction WFM software enables payroll and staff schedule automation. It helps streamline task allocation and training processes, boosting production and saving you money. The modern construction firm needs all aspects of the building to run on schedule. The scheduling abilities of a WFM program could benefit your team on a project-by-project basis, as well as being useful for payroll applications. Isn’t it time you got up to date with workforce management?

The 6 Ways WFM Software Helps Construction Companies

Have you considered implementing workforce management solutions for construction companies in your business? It could save you money and lessen your workload, as well as implement automated staff scheduling and pay. Here are six other ways workforce management can help the construction industry thrive.

1. Staff Scheduling

Staff scheduling is the primary reason for using workforce management software in the construction industry. Staff scheduling is important in any business, but in construction, it is even more vital. You need each project to happen on a carefully planned timescale. For that to happen, bricklayers need to show up before the electrician comes, and the roofers must finish before the plasterer coats the inside walls. If you want to schedule to perfection, WFM software is how your construction company does it.

2. Subcontracting Management

Part of that scheduling might include those tasks your company has to outsource. For instance, you might need to hire a cement layer to create foundations for a project or a specialist gas engineer to connect your new build development with the mains. Workforce management software incorporates tools that help you store details of subcontractors you often use. It allows you to schedule these contractors into your planned working week, even tracking their hours accurately for payment purposes.

3. Payroll Automation

Connecting your workforce management software to the clock in/out system in your construction site allows you to accurately record staff hours without you having to do anything. Better yet, when you link this to your payroll system, you can automatically work out hours, pay your taxes and pay each employee for their time. Using software to do this automatically saves you administrative tasks which take up hours of your working day. You are saving yourself time, and that time can be put towards other projects. 

4. Budget Management on Construction Sites

Construction is a little different from other industries. Your client allocates you a budget for certain expenses, and you must stick to that budget or risk returning to an angry client. Using a workforce management tool, you have full control of budget allocations for each contractor. Not only can the system track your payroll, but it can track expenses accumulated from business activities too.

5. Avoid Overstaffing

Here is the clever part, your workforce management software can track things like when you usually over or under-staff your site. It can track how long it takes for a worker to complete a task and multiply this to find out how long it will take specific jobs to complete. This lets you allocate employees to the task, helping you stay on schedule. It avoids situations where too many people are onsite or situations where there is a skills shortage.

6. Profit Forecasting

Since this type of software can keep track of how long it takes certain jobs to complete, it can help you build an accurate forecast of how your business’s future looks. It can offer suggestions on how you can streamline that profit based on the data you enter. 

What does this mean for construction companies?

Workforce management software is the obvious solution for boosting production and streamlining costs.


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