6 Services To Expect When You Visit A Nail Salon

6 Services To Expect When You Visit A Nail Salon

When you talk of a nail salon, the first thing to come to your mind is nail application. However, nail salons offer various services including manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, and gels, among others. Understanding the services available allows making sure that you’re visiting the right salon to get services that match your needs. Read on to discover the services to expect when you visit a nail salon near you.

1. Manicures

As a popular service in a nail salon, manicures focus on fingernails. However, shaping and clipping the nails is not what a manicure is all about. Great customer service is essential to make clients feel pampered while getting a manicure. The nail tech focuses on the cuticles, nails, and skin surrounding the nails during a manicure. Afterward, the tech applies lotion on and around the help to make the skin smooth.

Additionally, the tech looks out for any damage on the cuticles or hangnails that need extra attention. The nail technician massages the hand using the lotion while discussing with you your expectations. Afterward, the tech will trim or push back the cuticles before clipping and shaping the nails using a file. According to your requirements, the tech will apply gel or acrylic fills and then apply a base coat of polish on the nails before applying a color coat.

2. Pedicures

Just like manicures, pedicures focus on toes and feet. These carry the weight of your body and keep up with continuous impact with the ground. When you visit a nail salon for a pedicure, the session will begin with the nail tech soothing your feet and smoothing your skin. This is where the magic happens, transforming your toes into a work of art. French tip toes will look elegant and graceful on the dance floor – this is the kind of transformation you can expect from a professional pedicure.

The tech will soak your feet in warm water, then scrub, apply massage lotion, and pamper your feet. Afterward, the nail tech will cut and shape your toenails before pushing back or trimming the cuticles. The next step is to paint the base and top color according to your preference.

3. Acrylic nails

Nail technicians create nails using liquid monomer and acrylic powder to form shapes on a nail wrap. Acrylic nails are durable, and the tech can make them in various styles and colors. The beauty of acrylic nails is that you wear them for a long time since they are extremely durable. To get acrylic nails, the tech begins by prepping your nails involving removing old polish, and cleaning the cuticles just like during a manicure. 

Afterward, the tech applies texture with solvent treatment for a proper setup and bonding of the acrylic nails. Using a natural hair brush dipped in monomer, the tech will pick up dry acrylic powder beads. The combination of powder and liquid creates a malleable substance to work with using the brush on your nails. Once the acrylic dries and cures, you will have new and nice-looking artificial nails. Proper ventilation is necessary since mixing and making acrylic nails produces a smell. 

4. Gels

Ultraviolet (UV) gels are an artificial compound for building nails but have fewer odors compared to acrylic nails. The gels are applied to the nails and tips. The formation is similar to that of the acrylic nail. However, the gels remain workable and malleable before curing and drying under a UV bulb. Afterward, the gel nails become strong enough for decorating and painting.

Gel nails are ideal when needing high-gloss nails. In fact, nail techs sometimes apply gels on acrylics as a top coat to get a similar high-gloss shine. Additionally, gels are more convenient to work since curing only happens on exposure to UV light, unlike acrylics that cure shortly after application.

5. Polish changes

This is a mini-manicure where you’re to get a change of paint on your nails. The nail tech will remove the old polish; tend to your nails and cuticles before painting a fresh base and top color. You’re likely to spend little time during this session. 

However, when so conscious about your fashion, you can spend enough time until you get a change of color matching your outfits and style. You can have this weekly as a self-improvement routine to make you feel pampered. 

6. Wraps 

These are thin pieces of paper, silk, or synthetic material a tech applies to your nails before coating using a polymer resin. This nail training exposes your natural nails to little damage and serves as a strengthening top coat that allows the growth of natural nails. 

The wraps are thin making them inappropriate for long nails. Fortunately, the nail can use the wraps to give your nails a more manicured look. When the polymer resin cures, the wraps can be colored or shaped.

When looking forward to giving yourself a treat, consider visiting a nail salon. Here, you can get enjoy services including manicure, pedicure, acrylic nails, or give your nails a fresh coat of polish. From our guide above, now you can tell what to expect from each service. If you’re interested in more beauty-related content, read more of our articles for more skincare and cosmetic tips!


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