David Ebrahimzadeh Shares The Best Cities To Invest In Real Estate

David Ebrahimzadeh Shares The Best Cities To Invest In Real Estate

Investing in real estate is one of the most solid decisions you can make to create a large sum of wealth. However, unlike stocks, cryptocurrencies, and share-type investments, making a mistake in real estate can have a substantial negative impact. Thus, it is best to always make a wise investment before purchasing any property.

Investment expert and Corniche Capital President David Ebrahimzadeh have done his research on the best real estate locations in the market. Both for local and international investors, these choices are top-dollar for those who want a valuable property. 

Dallas, Texas

Invest in Dallas, Texas Real Estate

Dallas, Texas, receives a top spot in one of the best places to purchase a property at present and beyond. Many news headlines report many investors and homeowners selling and leaving states with a high cost of living, such as California, and moving to more affordable areas such as Texas.

Dallas is a great area because there is a high availability of high-quality properties for both commercial and residential investors. There is also an increasing job growth and diversity in the city, which means there will be an influx of people staying in the area. If you plan to have a home rental property or a commercial leasing unit, Dallas is an excellent city to consider for all the opportunities it presents.

Atlanta, Georgia

Invest in Atlanta, Georgia Real Estate

Looking to own a rental property? Your best bet may be found in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is considered a city with reasonable rental rates for potential investors due to its increasing job growth and an influx of people. Around an average of 500 people move to Atlanta every day who have either received employment or finding opportunities, which means that the chances of looking for quality tenants in the city are more than likely.

Atlanta is also an excellent choice for those looking to buy and sell a property for profit. The yearly appreciation rate in the city is 9.3%, which is higher than the national average. Even post-pandemic, the appreciation rates continue to soar, making Atlanta an exciting and profitable location for investors.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Invest in Tulum, Mexico Real Estate

Aside from local real estate investments, more people will realize that they can maximize the value of their capital through international properties. Such an example is properties located in Riviera Maya, Mexico. 

Many retirees live in places such as Riviera Maya because of its much lower cost of living. Considering the paycheck provided by Social Security and other pension plans, their money can stretch much longer in countries such as Mexico. Aside from that, the ongoing development in Riviera Maya means that investors can take hold of affordable properties and see appreciation rates soar over the years.

This location is ideal for vacation rental investors, retiree home investors, or those who want to own commercial units. The low capital and high growth potential make Riviera Maya, Mexico, a great option.

Algarve, Portugal

Invest in Algarve, Portugal Real Estate

Europe is just one of those continents with a rich and unique history with a timeless appeal for potential homeowners, renters, and investors alike.

However, since the political and economic considerations of Brexit occurred, London fell on the top list of real estate investment. Aside from that, the current real estate climate in well-known European cities may not be attainable for new investors.

A better option may be Algarve, Portugal, which also has its tasteful Western European roots. Portugal has one of the most affordable and profitable real estate markets, allowing commercial investors to build apartments for a profit. These apartments create multiple sources of income per tenant, making it a versatile investment that brings in long-time renters and vacationers alike.

Portugal has rising potential both in its area of tourism and employment. Over the years, you will see many ex-pats flock to the area to enjoy the rich culture, lower cost of living, and beautiful city sights.

Bangkok, Thailand

Invest in Bangkok, Thailand Real Estate

Another international destination, Bangkok, bags one of the top choices for real estate investment. The reason for such is the sheer amount of visitors that visit the city every year. Typically, the city took a big hit during the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic but is now gradually gaining momentum to resume business operations, including real estate.

In Bangkok, Thailand, investors can benefit all from residential, commercial, and vacation properties. This is because the city is known for its many opportunities for an affordable retirement, an international tourist spot, and businesspeople flock to start their venture.

Since the welcoming of Chinese tourists to the city, you can expect a growing population of people looking for properties for various reasons. This trend will continue to move in favor of investors in the post-pandemic world.

Wise Investing: Researching Markets and Opportunities

The key to profitable real estate investing is knowing your preferred type of property and searching for locations with great opportunities in such areas. Whether you choose to buy and sell, rent, or invest in commercial units, researching the market and looking over these top options by David Ebrahimzadeh can give you an informed choice.


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