6 Fantastic Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

6 Fantastic Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

Sometimes its time for a change in your home. You may be looking around and feeling like you need a new space. 

With all the various design trends it may seem tricky to keep up with the current trends. Make sure to keep reading for some amazing interior designing ideas!

1. Monochromatic

When we think of monochromatic, we think of basic neutral colors, but monochromatics can be bold. Vibrant colors are trending and you shouldn’t be scared to use them.

The idea is to choose one color on the color wheel and then use variations of the color in your room. This will bring about a cohesiveness while still bringing your style into your room. The entire room will be a statement!

2. Old and New

One great way to design your room is to bring new and old together. You can find vintage pieces from your local thrift store and pair these pieces with newer furniture you have.

This is great to really display any knick-knacks you have to really show everyone who you are! the layering of old and new will bring your room together and you won’t be disappointed.

3. Earth Tones

Sometimes we may be scared to use darker colors since design has always told us to use cool tones to open up a room. 

Don’t be afraid to paint your walls with a burnt orange color and use emerald green accents. These colors are bold but can transform your room for the better.

If you need help trying to tie these colors together you can always hire an interior designer to help bring your ideas to your room.

4. Going Green

Don’t be afraid of real plants! Not only will they help filter your air but they will bring life into your room.

You can decorate your room using either hanging plants or even find a nice fern to place in the corners. You can bring color in with the planters the pots are in. This will give your room a fresh take.

5. Upholstered Walls

Try ditching the paint and go for an upholstered wall! This is great as an accent wall, especially for your bedroom.

An upholstered wall will give the illusion of a headboard and you can customize it to match your bedding as well as the bedframe. If you don’t want a whole wall you can do just half the wall to really bring in the color.

6. Faux Marble

Granite countertops have been a trend for the longest time, but its time for faux marble to make its debut. 

Having faux marble will make cleaning easier, and it will be more affordable. Faux marble is typically made out of man-made porcelains. You won’t even be able to tell the difference but your kitchen will get a serious upgrade!

Start Your Interior Designing 

Now that you’ve read about the latest trends in interior designing, it’s time to get your creativity going and transform your room!

We can’t wait to see what trend you pick and how you design the room of your dreams!


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