5 Warning Signs You Have A Major Plumbing Problem

5 Warning Signs You Have A Major Plumbing Problem

American homeowners can encounter plumbing issues several times a year, and most of them are easy to deal with. But things can get out of control if you have a grave problem that brews silently and hits suddenly. Just imagine the kind of trouble you can land into when the basement floods suddenly or a toilet gets blocked. Fortunately, such problems give you warning signs before they get worse. If you are vigilant enough, you can detect them early and address them before they get serious. You only need to call a professional plumber to get things on track. Here are some warning signs of a major plumbing issue waiting around the corner.

You hear a gurgling sound

A gurgling sound could be a signal that something is seriously wrong. Listen closely when you run the shower, flush the toilet, or use the dishwasher. The problem could be daunting if the sound persists even after the water stops running. This gurgling sound means that your plumbing system is gasping for air. If you do not take corrective measures, expect backing up of water in a few days. 

You can smell foul odor

Apart from your ears, your nose can also give you a warning sign about potential trouble. You may experience the foul odor of rotten eggs if a sewer pipe or vent is broken. The problem requires early action because the implications go beyond discomfort. It can cause environmental and health issues in the long run. Broken sewers can also cause extensive damage to the house’s foundation. Calling an expert is the best option to handle the concern proactively. 

Water pressure is lower than usual

Most homeowners in Santa Maria and other cities in California run into water shortages during the summer months. But if you experience lower water pressure longer than usual, it is time to seek help. Expert Santa Maria plumbers recommend that you get a thorough check of your plumbing system. The reason could be simple, such as gunk build-up in the aerator. There could be bigger problems, such as a water leak, an eroded waterline, or fractured pipes.

You have a drainage problem

Drainage problems make an obvious warning sign that you should call a professional sooner rather than later. It sounds easy to try some DIY to unclog a pipe or the bathroom or kitchen sink, but you will probably end up doing more harm than good. Avoid using plungers and drain cleaners, and call a plumber to deal with drainage issues. They have the right skills and expertise to deal with these issues.

If you’re looking for a plumber in Cambridge, for example, start by searching for “Plumber Cambridge” on Google to find local professionals in your area. Keep in mind that drainage issues can lead to further complications, such as water damage and mold growth.

Your pipes freeze in winters 

If you cannot hear the sound of running water in your pipes in winter, they are probably frozen. Not addressing the problem right away can cause cracked or burst pipes. You may save a bit by overlooking the problem, but you will eventually have to spend a fortune replacing the pipes. Letting your pipes run at a dribbling pace is a good way to prevent freezing. Call an expert right away to save yourself the trouble.

Do not miss these warning indications because they often point out bigger woes. Proactive and timely measures can prevent major problems, and you end up saving massive plumbing expenses.


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