Tidying Up – 5 Ways to Lower Home Staging Cost

Tidying Up - 5 Ways to Lower Home Staging Cost

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, staging is a must. But, it can also be a time consuming and expensive part of the process!

Depending on the size of your house and your personal needs, your home staging cost could be anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. And, without proper staging, your house could sit on the market for ages, waiting for a buyer who can see its hidden potential.

Keep reading for five tips on saving money while staging a home to sell.

1. Kill the Clutter 

Long before you spend money on home staging services, you should haul off every piece of clutter you can get your hands on.

A staged home should look airy, open, and spacious. Clutter draws the eye in, making even the largest of rooms seem cramped.

Think about the professionally staged homes that you’ve seen listed online in the past. They feature bare countertops and tables poised for entertaining, not piles of mail and car keys! 

2. Improve Lighting 

When it comes to home staging for in-person showings or online listings, good lighting is key! 

As a rule, you’ll want brighter lights in lighter shades for your kitchens and bathrooms. For more intimate areas of the home like bedrooms and living rooms, you’ll want dimmer lights in a warm tone. 

3. Neutralize

While you might love that neon rug, most home buyers won’t.

All joking aside, a space that feels too personal might be a turnoff for some potential buyers. This includes homes that look extremely lived in – with pictures of the family on the walls or refrigerator. 

If possible, try to neutralize fabric, wood, and paint choices throughout your home, as well. Even if it feels bland to you, this approach will appeal to a wider variety of shoppers. 

4. Define Spaces

It’s essential to show off your home’s square footage by properly defining all of its spaces. Each room should have a clear cut purpose, for example, a den vs a family room or home theater. 

If potential buyers aren’t sure what a space should be used for, they won’t see its value!

If your house has been sitting on the market for a while, this is one of the sneaky reasons that could be to blame. But, not to worry – you can learn all about these easy to miss mistakes and avoid making them in the future! 

5. Don’t Forget the Yard

Curb appeal is an essential part of selling any home. And, no proper staging is complete without a thorough makeover of the yard and other outdoor areas.

Keep in mind that trim and tidy is always attractive, and not all homeowners will want to commit to hours of yardwork every week. It’s also vital that the back yard looks just as good as the front – especially if you are selling in an area where outdoor entertaining is common.

Keep Your Home Staging Cost Low

Now that you know a bit more about getting your home ready for staging, you’re ready to get started. And, while it might feel like a lot of extra work, these primary steps are nearly guaranteed to help you save big.

Who knows, keeping your home staging cost could add up to a bigger downpayment or some extra investments in your next property! 

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