5 Tips for Maintaining Your Vinyl Windows

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are a wise home investment. They are affordable, durable, and increase your overall home’s value. Vinyl windows also enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and increase your property’s energy efficiency, enabling you to cut costs. However, without proper maintenance, you can lower your window’s lifespan and diminish their appearance. If you recently upgraded to vinyl windows, here are five maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your investment and extend your window’s performance and lifespan

1. Inspect your vinyl windows regularly

An effective way to maintain your vinyl windows is by inspecting them every six months. Check for issues with your Windows hardware, such as locks and latches. Be sure to also check for any damage on your windows, including condensation, warping, and cracks. If the window seals are broken, they could cause air leaks, which could, in turn, minimize your home’s heating and cooling efficiency, resulting in high energy bills. Contact a professional for repairs and replacement if your windows are worn out, or you notice any issues to prevent further damage. 

2. Learn how to operate your vinyl windows correctly

One of the most significant causes of vinyl window damage is operating them improperly. Vinyl windows have unique features that enable them to function efficiently over an extended period. When mishandled, you cause stress and breaks on your vinyl windows, making them deteriorate over time. For this reason, you should request the installer to explain how to correctly operate the windows at the end of the vinyl window installation. Alternatively, leverage online videos to educate your loved ones on opening and closing the windows to extend their lifespan.

3. Clean the glass regularly

When dirt, dust, debris, moisture, and smudge build up on the surface of your window glass, they give it a cloudy, unsightly look. For this reason, you should regularly clean the window glass. However, use the right cleaning products to avoid damaging it. 

Avoid harsh detergents, sponges, and abrasives, as they could scratch the glass. Alcohol and ammonia-based cleaning products can also cause streaks on the vinyl window glass. Use vinegar-based products or mild soap to remove dirt and debris from your windows. 

4. Clean and lubricate window hardware

Vinyl window hardware refers to the components and metal pieces that open and close your windows. They include window handles, hinges, locks, and operator arms, to mention a few. Be sure to use mild soap to clean the hardware, then rinse them with clean water before lubricating. You could use petroleum jelly, automotive grease, or lithium to lubricate your window’s rotary hardware. Next, use silicon-based lubricants to lubricate metal tilt latches, hinges, and rollers. 

5. Clean window frames

When left unattended, vinyl window frames could become discolored and an eyesore, so you should clean them regularly. However, be sure to use the right detergents to prevent peeling off. Do not use acidic-based solutions, abrasive materials, and strong solvents. Instead, use a mild soap, paper towel or damp, soft cloth, and water to clean the window frames. 


Maintaining your vinyl windows ensures they operate efficiently and correctly for as long as possible. Be sure to clean the glass and frames, lubricate the hardware, learn how to handle the windows correctly, and inspect regularly to keep your vinyl windows functioning properly. 


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