5 Practical Tips To Give Your Home Exterior A Complete Makeover

5 Practical Tips To Give Your Home Exterior A Complete Makeover

Your home’s curb appeal is as important as the look and feel of its interiors. You may decorate your living space tastefully, but a messy exterior will make a bad first impression. Moreover, it can even lower the value of your home if you plan to sell down the line. A well-maintained outdoor space should be a priority for homeowners, even if it entails periodic expenses and efforts. Luckily, you need not spend a fortune to refresh it as a little takes you a long way. Let us share a few practical tips to give your home exteriors a complete makeover. 

1. Start with a fresh coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders even for the most dull-looking home, so it is the best way to start the project. Choose a trending shade to brighten up your property’s appearance and make it stand out. You can even think beyond monochromatic and pick a combination with a different shade for doors, windows, and siding. Remember to opt for weatherproof paint as it lasts longer and delivers value for money, even if you have to spend more initially.

2. Install modern lighting

Having adequate lighting in the home exterior ensures safety from burglars and trip and fall mishaps. But it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the area. Installing modern lighting is an easy and affordable way to ramp up your deck, patio, and driveway. Try spotlights for the patio, accent lights for the deck and walkways, and floodlights for the driveway. Investing in garden illumination is a great idea as it preps the outdoors for a fun-filled get-together and barbecue parties.

3. Accentuate the outdoor space with tiles

Think beyond concrete slabs or natural stone for your patio, and accentuate it with tiles for a makeover. You can opt for outdoor porcelain tiles as they hold well on outdoor surfaces and last for years. Besides being strong and hard-wearing, porcelain tiles do not require much in the name of maintenance. They are stain- and weather-resistant and look beautiful for years despite continuous exposure to elements. 

4. Invest in professional landscaping

A professional landscaping job is a viable option for an exterior makeover project. Experts can create a well-designed outdoor area that looks good and delivers functionality. Discuss the options for a design refresh for your garden, lawn, or patio with a seasoned landscaping designer. Hire someone with relevant experience to transform your outdoor space without breaking the bank. 

5. Personalize your space

Your home should reflect your taste and personality, so personalizing your outdoor space is a great idea. Visualize a fresh look for the exteriors and pick elements that match your taste and lifestyle. For example, you can replace the plastic chairs on your patio or deck with wooden benches to make it more inviting. Creating a reading nook in your garden is a good idea as you can use it to spend quality time with your favorite books. You can even invest in an outdoor kitchen if you love hosting barbecue parties. 

An outdoor makeover project need not burn a hole in your wallet, but it can enhance the curb appeal of your place. Try these practical ideas to transform your home exteriors.


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