Things To Consider While Building A House On Hunting Land

Things To Consider While Building A House On Hunting Land

Building a house on hunting land is an exciting yet nuanced journey that requires careful consideration. While many may think one can only hunt on a hunting land, if you consider the essential factors, you can even build a house there. If you have thought about constructing even a small house on a hunting land, consider the following factors for a seamless process.

Decide On The Budget

The first thing you should do before building your house on hunting land is to consider how much you are willing to spend. This will include the land cost, construction, interior design, exterior design, and so on.

Consider the costs of equipment, furniture, decorations, and other things you need to complete your space. This way, you won’t be surprised by unexpected expenses. If you’re trying to build your house without spending too much money, it’s a good idea to keep things simple.

Adding many extra features and customizations can significantly increase the cost of your cabin. You wouldn’t want this to happen if you were on a tight budget.

Buy A Hunting Land

After you’ve decided on a budget, it’s time to buy the land. To find the perfect location, you need to consider whether you want hilly land or a flat one, if the area is easily accessible for everyday needs, how far the city is from your place, how safe the land is, and whether you can use electricity. You can discover hunting land for sale online on reputed sites where you can filter the options according to your preferences. 

Changing The Land Use Through Rezoning

You should only do this when the land you’ve found is only used for hunting, and you’ve decided to construct a permanent house there. In most states, this method is acceptable, especially if you are never planning to use it for hunting purposes.

When you opt for this method, the relevant authority will conduct a survey of the land to assess any potential risks, harm, or effects associated with building a house in a hunting area. If there seems to be no harm or adverse impact, they may proceed to rezone your hunting land or grant permission to construct a house on that property.

Know The Rules And Regulations Of Your State

When constructing a house on land mainly used for hunting, it’s really important to know the rules for building it on that particular land. Hence, you should check if your state has any special laws about building houses.

For this, you can get in touch with the right agency to find out if you need any permits or have to follow specific zoning rules. While we may have mentioned it later, it’s always good to know about it before choosing a hunting land for construction.

Get Permits

If you are planning to construct a house on hunting land, it is important that you get all the essential permits. If you obtain permits for variance zoning, you’ll get permission to use the property in a way that goes against local rules. By getting a special permit for your land, the authority in charge will let you use the property in a way that wasn’t allowed before.

Maintenance Charges

Although you will be close to nature and in a clean environment, that will not spare you from the monthly maintenance your house will need. And even if it is not your permanent residence, you do have to take care of it regularly or whenever you visit the house.

It’s important to check and take care of it at least twice a year if you have the time, money, and resources to maintain both your house on the hunting land and your main home. Maintenance is a continuous process and greatly impacts how long your house will last.


To sum it up, building a house on hunting land demands thoughtful deliberation. Every decision plays a crucial role, from knowing about regulations and permits to mindful budgeting and regular maintenance. By approaching the process with a blend of practicality and foresight, one can create a home on hunting land that meets immediate needs and stands the test of time amidst the natural beauty of its surroundings.


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