5 Luxury Backyard Design Trends for Spring

5 Luxury Backyard Design Trends for Spring

Imagine a tropical lagoon paradise or resort-style entertainment area; now imagine that it’s only a step away. Contrary to what you may think, it is possible to transform your backyard into a wonderland escape, whether you want to lounge poolside, plant an organic garden, or host an evening soiree. Below we have compiled a list of the five most prominent trends for backyard landscape design. Use these as a jumping-off point to spark your backyard sanctuary creativity.

Geometric-Shaped Pools

Geometric-Shaped Pools - 5 Luxury Backyard Design Trends for Spring

A sleek geometric-shaped pool is a perfect choice for a contemporary outdoor setting, especially if it features a raised whirlpool, waterfall, lounging steps, or vanishing edge. Effects like mosaic glass tile or travertine tile in ivory or stone add a sophisticated flair with a touch of luxury. Pools are also a focal point for nighttime entertainment, so the right lighting in and around the pool is important. Add pool lighting accessories to subtly illuminate your pool once the sun goes down and the party starts.

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening - 5 Luxury Backyard Design Trends for Spring

Gardens liven up and add color to an outdoor space. Designate an area in your landscape to plant organic flowers, herbs, and vegetables à la celebrity heartthrob Patrick Dempsey (who converted space at his Malibu estate for organic gardening). For a luxuriously rustic look, mimic Dempsey’s rows of raised flower, herb, and veggie beds made from reclaimed scaffolding. You can also repurpose a vintage Airstream trailer as an outdoor storage unit for gardening equipment and tools. Then, attach an awning to your Airstream for a comfy spot to enjoy your gardens.

Tropical Lagoon

Tropical Lagoon - 5 Luxury Backyard Design Trends for Spring

Transform your backyard into a lush lagoon shaded by a canopy of overarching trees. A lagoon-style backyard theme adds a tranquil, laid-back vibe for lavish lounging. Focus on your poolscape for aesthetics by adding a dramatic stairway and Baja ledge, soothing rock waterfalls, boulder accents, and stone wall edging. Recreate the natural hues of a lagoon by installing a turquoise pebble finish or aqua-colored additive. Attach a raised spa to complete your tropical oasis.

Privacy Bamboo Wall

Privacy Bamboo Wall - 5 Luxury Backyard Design Trends for Spring

Nothing is more sacred than private seclusion in your very own backyard retreat. A concrete retaining wall or wooden fence provides privacy, but both options lack an organic vibe and contemporary look. An outdoor bamboo wall offers privacy while creating the energy and appearance of a wild botanical garden. Install a light feature to spotlight the flowering evergreen. Then accent the bamboo wall with other green points of interest, like a few oversized potted topiaries, cacti, or grass.

Entertainment Spot

Entertainment Spot - 5 Luxury Backyard Design Trends for Spring

Your backyard may be your gardening passion project, a relaxing oasis, or a private escape. But it’s also a great space for hosting and entertaining. Install a fire pit, fire bowl, or fireplace as the centerpiece of your entertaining space. A fiery feature naturally illuminates a space into an upscale resort-style lounge. String lights and pool lanterns can also turn an ordinary landscape into a glowing, cozy, intimate area. Make sure your space is outfitted with furniture that is both stylish and comfortable for lounging. Built-in patio seating like a bench wall not only offers seating but maximizes space and decoratively accentuates the perimeter of your backyard. Go overboard with throw pillows of various sizes in different patterns and colors.


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