5 Helpful Tips For Moving To New York City

5 Helpful Tips For Moving To New York City

Did you know that there are more than 8 million people living in the New York City area? That’s a lot of people living within an easy commute of the Big Apple.

If you want to live in a city that never sleeps, you may have considered making a move to New York. If you’re moving from across the country to New York from a smaller town or city, you may be in for a shock.

So, how do you prepare for the big move?

Here are five helpful tips for moving to New York City.

1. Finding the Right Place to Live

If you’re moving to New York, you’re going to need somewhere to live. There’s no getting around the fact that living in New York is expensive.

When looking for an apartment in New York, locals often use brokers. There’s a very good reason for this as it can be very stressful managing the process yourself. Hire a broker to take the burden of finding your new home from you.

Think about where you want to live. Commuting into the city from the suburbs is quite easy, so you may want to look at areas such as Westchester.

2. Getting Around In New York City

If you’re planning on taking your car with you when making a New York move, don’t bother. Getting about by road can be a nightmare.

Also, if you have romantic ideas about hailing one of the famous yellow cabs, get them out of your mind. The fact is that cabs are the most expensive way to get around the city.

The best way to get around is the subway. There are plenty of stations that you can jump on board, and you’ll get around far quicker this way.

3. Taking A Bite Out Of the Big Apple

Eating out in New York City can also be pricey. If you want to eat, head to the smaller kiosks selling pizza slices.

If you’re planning on eating out in the city, don’t forget that the prices of meals on the menu won’t generally include the service charge, so make sure you check.

4. New York City Is Busy

There’s no avoiding the fact that New York is a bustling metropolis full of people. Get used to getting close to others in the crowd.

Do remember that there are pickpockets operating in the city. Keep valuables close to your person and be vigilant at all times.

5. Hire Movers With Experience In NYC

Finally, when it comes to actually moving to New York, you should hire a removals company that has plenty of experience in moving people to the city.

Getting around the streets of New York can be stressful. Also, they may need to get your furniture through some very tight squeezes. Having experience will be invaluable. Something else that will make the process go more smoothly is to rent a New York City self-storage unit — you can keep any of your belongings there until the time comes to move them.

Moving to New York

Moving to New York can be stressful, but it can also be very exciting. Knowing what to expect from the city will help you make the most of your move. For more informative articles, check out the rest of the site.


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